Your Comfort Zone – Ready to Step Out?

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If you ask any ordinary person if they have comfort zones associated with things they do, they’ll probably say yes, but it may take them a few minutes to think what they are. Public speaking is often one of them although some of these people won’t think twice about picking up a microphone and singing along to a karaoke machine at a party!

People step out of their comfort zones every day without realizing it, especially when they work for a living. If the boss tells you to do something you do it, mainly because the fear of losing their job is greater than the task they have to perform. We hate going to the dentist but the fear of losing all our teeth is far greater than a couple of minutes under a high-speed drill.

So it is with MLM. Trainers will always be trying to get you to move ahead and stepping out of your comfort zone only means facing your fears. Nobody learns to swim by jumping in the deep end. It starts by slowly wading in to shallow water and often with the help of somebody else. That is why your trainer is there. Do everything a little at a time and soon you’ll wonder why you’d been so afraid of doing it before.

Setting goals is a good way to start. A sense of achievement boosts self-confidence enormously.

Many years ago I was asked by a corporate member of my company to stand up in front of a crowd of strangers and give a testimonial. I remember shaking, my hands sweating and my throat constricting with terror the closer I got to the minute I had to walk on stage.

A horrible situation for many people but add the fact that I’m German and English is my second language, it only made matters worse. I was petrified I would totally forget certain words in English and start throwing in the German equivalents!

Yikes! What was I to do? While breathing exercises helped to stop my heart racing I also remembered the word FEAR, an acronym for false expectations appearing real. It helped, and a couple of minutes later I was in full flow and proud of myself and I didn’t throw any German words into my presentation. People listened and applauded.

I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone, I’d taken a giant leap and when I walked off the stage I felt incredibly proud of myself, wondering why I had made such a big deal of it.

Now if I’m asked to speak I just shrug and say okay. I’m happy that I had to go through that initiation because now I have no fear of public speaking at all.

Do you have any stories like this that you would like to share? Do you look back at things you were scared to then and now you shake your head and laugh?

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