You are a Shining Star!

So many home businesses are built on systems invented by others. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, build niche websites or you’re a network marketer, following a system that works for you is a great start but you won’t get far if you follow every system to the letter and you don’t inject your personality and a little uniqueness into your business.

I see this happen all too often, especially with people who have followed niche marketing courses. Perhaps part of the package they buy is a free WordPress theme that the seller of the course claims is the absolute best for his particular system. If the theme cannot be tweaked or changed, your site is going to look exactly like hundreds of others, visitors will think these cookie-cutter sites are boring and move on.

Too many people are afraid of making mistakes when they start their small businesses. As a true entrepreneur you shouldn’t be afraid of anything, you will want everything you do to be unique and stand out. If you write your own articles, imbibe your writing with your favorite phrases or make some up. Make people laugh and you can turn your chosen subject or product into something that’s a little less boring and serious than your competitors.

You can personalize a website with pictures of yourself with your team for example, by engaging both your readers and team, and visitors to your site will immediately see how enthusiastic  and involved you are with your product and those who work with you.

If you try to build a fake persona online, eventually you will fall down. It will be difficult to switch from the natural “you” to this other person – and why do it anyway, like I said true entrepreneurs have no fear. If one method fails they will not be afraid to move onto another method that eventually does work.

Everyone is suffering from information overload these days. Your unique personality will make someone who has an inbox full of dross read your email first, because they know you have something to offer them of value. The witty headline you use for this month’s newsletter blast will make hundreds smile on a cold, wet Monday morning as they sit in their cubicles preparing for another dreary 50-hour work week. The pictures of you and your colleagues, against a Vegas backdrop will make them long to join your opportunity.

Once you have learned a system don’t simply become a clone or a robot, you will get bored and everyone else will see that you are bored and disinterested. Make your presentations memorable, informative and light-hearted, they should not be seen as a chore or something you’ve got to do. Nobody enjoys a serious lecture by a dull professor; neither will they remember most of it – if they stay awake.

You are a potential star – no two film stars are alike, each has his or her unique way of doing things and so should you. They may have started out as method actors but they learned their trade and infused their roles with their own unique personality. Find your own strengths and promote them to the fullest, whatever angle you take I guarantee someone will love you for who you are.

Help out those new to network marketing and explain how do you use your own personality to build your business? We’d love to hear from you.

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    This post is really shining star because of the idea they share.really helps on us.thanks
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