Why you May not be Recruiting Effectively

Successful salespeople including top network marketers all have one thing in common and that’s self-confidence. Doing something that you love doing always brings a certain amount of self-confidence and more so if you know exactly what you’re talking about and know everything there is to know about your business.

Any top network marketer will tell you that the only way to build a truly successful network marketing business bringing in the kind of income most people only dream about is to recruit, recruit, recruit. Without a successful and large team of distributors behind you it’s impossible to earn a substantial income under most MLM compensation plans.

To recruit effectively you should start out with the right attitude. When you get leads approach these prospects unapologetically – you have something they need – remember that. Don’t pick up the phone and be timid and say “well I’m sorry to bother you but…” how negative is that? In your opening sentence you’ve put yourself at a disadvantage and have given the person on the other end the opportunity to end the conversation.

If you’re calling prospects on the phone and you need a script then write one and make sure there are no apologies in that script. If you look around on the internet you can find examples of well-written positive scripts that can help you. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of working in an outbound call center the first thing they’ll do is give you a script, and there’s good reason for that.

One of the best sources of finding the right words to say is Todd Falcone’s Little Black Book of Scripts. Todd has been in the network marketing industry for 21 years and is incredibly successful. His specialty is recruiting, so learn from one of the best.

Lack of self-confidence for newcomers can seem insurmountable sometimes but it really is a case of practice makes perfect. Everybody makes mistakes and we all hate to hear the word “No.” Self confidence will build as you become more adept at what you do and find the right words to say. I’m sure that even the top recruiters hear the word “No” every day, but their attitude is (although they probably don’t say this) “oh well it’s your loss.”

If you recruit with the attitude that you’re trying to help people then that’s far more positive than the idea that you’re bothering them. After all, they did answer your ad or fill in their name and e-mail address on your lead capture page. There’s nothing that you have to be sorry about, understand that and you will be far more successful in your recruiting efforts.

The whole idea behind network marketing is making money and those who have expressed an interest in joining your opportunity obviously want to make extra money. The more successful and self-confident you become, the more your prospects will be convinced that network marketing is something they could do as well.

The worst answers you can get when you’re looking for a decision after your presentation are “… well maybe…” or “I’ll have to think about it…” Yes and no are both positive results if you think about it, you can move on, but with the “maybes” you’re left hanging. There are techniques that you can employ to get around these maybes, you can actually make a prospect’s decision for him with the right words. That may seem impossible to newcomers to network marketing but successful recruiters do it all the time. That’s not to say they force people into decisions they will regret later.

You’re looking for the right people for your downline. People you will be happy to help and work with and not a bunch of lazy clingons.

With the right recruitment techniques you will be able to sort out the best people, and if the rest of them say no or maybe, you’ve just saved yourself a lot of headaches.

Do you have any other effective recruitment techniques that you could share with us here?

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