Why you can’t stay Focused on your Home Based Business


Many people dream about having their own home based businesses. They have these fuzzy ideas that they’ll be able to loll around in their pajamas all day only getting dressed to take the family out to dinner in the evening. There’s a brand-new car parked in the driveway and all the bills are paid off.

You’ve either been smoking an illegal substance if you believe that, or you’ve been looking at some of those guru websites. It is okay to dream and there’s not a thing wrong with having hopes and goals, it’s the American way. Problem is the realities of working from home are very much different and I have to say it’s a lot different for a man working from home than it is for a woman.

Why Women Get Distracted from their Home Businesses

As soon as a woman is home there are things to do. She will clean up after the family, wash the dishes, do the laundry, go shopping, work in the yard, cook etc. etc. If she has children then working from home means the day will end when they get home from school, and may not start at all during the vacations, weekends and at any time they’re sick. That also means visits to the pharmacy and the doctor.

If she can get her life under control only then can she concentrate on her business. Focusing is difficult without a definite goal in mind. My suggestion here is that you aim to get a certain amount of leads every day and call them while they’re still fresh if you’re in network marketing.

Social networking, while incredibly good sources of leads can also be very distracting. If you go on Facebook for business purposes keep it that way, don’t get distracted because one of your girlfriends is online, and ignore her until your working day is over. And that’s another thing; you should have set working hours every day with breaks, just like a normal job.

My house looks like a wreck. I resolved that when I started working from home again I was not going to be distracted. I take Saturday off and that’s when I do all the household chores. My husband’s learned to live with it. This is not only my home it is my office. I didn’t vacuum the office when I worked a JOB and I’m not going to do it now.

That’s another thing. Lay down some rules for the family. If the door to the room you use as an office is closed that means you’re not available. It’s hard I know, but once you begin to earn a good income from your home business the family will soon understand why you laid down those rules.

Why Men Get Distracted from their Home Businesses

I don’t think men who work from home get half as distracted as women, but there are still a number of major temptations that can distract a man away from what he should be doing. The biggest culprit is usually the television and if it’s not the TV then they’re playing games online.

It’s a scientific fact that the human brain can only do one thing properly at a time. You may think you can write a coherent business letter while watching an exciting ballgame but believe me you can’t. Keep the TV off!

Men and women will put off tasks that they don’t like doing. There are certain aspects of running any home business that you may not like doing. My advice is to do the things you hate doing first. You’ll be amazed how much better the day goes when you have that burden off your back, and doing them first will give you a feeling of achievement all day.

Every day make a list. Even if it says get 10 new leads, write three articles for my blog, make follow-up phone calls to x, y and z, and strike them off as you do them. Don’t make the list too long because you’ll end up getting stressed out and frustrated. Be realistic.

Everybody has days when they don’t feel like doing anything, but if you have a list of things to do, once you get started your brain will become invigorated as you work through that list.

If you really cannot work from home and there maybe any number of reasons why you can’t, you may be able to rent or share a small office somewhere. If you think of that office as your job, then you should arrive punctually and set yourself definite hours for work. There will be fewer distractions definitely.

It takes a lot of self-discipline to run your own home business; I know it’s difficult because I do it. It’s a darn sight better than sitting in traffic and going through the motions of doing a job that makes you miserable and generates money for somebody else.

Have you found working from home a challenge where motivation is concerned? Do you agree that women and men have to treat working from home differently?

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