Why Self Doubt Could be Killing Your Business

There’s one thing many people don’t talk about when they have their own home businesses and that’s self doubt. This ugly little thing can rear its head and nag away at your brain at any point in your business endeavor. It tends to come along more often when you’ve been putting all your best efforts into your business and you’re not getting good results. That little voice in your head says things like “you know you should never have started this” and “what on earth made you think you could make a living doing this?” If you follow this voice then you’ll soon find yourself vegging out, sitting on the couch and watching TV or doing absolutely nothing.

This voice can start up again even if you are showing a profit and doing well. It has happened to me. Every day my business was improving, I was showing consistent sales and generating good quality leads but that voice in my head kept saying “you’ve made enough money this week, why don’t you just take it easy?” And before you know it you’re off doing something else for a few days and maybe staying in bed hours later than you normally would. You get up and see you have to do certain things, perhaps you’re behind with your article writing or you need to analyze numbers to find out which of your links are working effectively and bringing leads, whatever. Your body is lethargic and that voice in your head says “Oh leave it until tomorrow, you’re doing fine.”

Before you know it you’ve been lollygagging for five days, you have no new leads and you have to make excuses to people for why you haven’t been keeping up with your work.

Don’t Give in!

Whenever you get these nagging doubts how do you deal with them? That other part of your brain knows exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing, get back in touch with it and think positively. Set yourself a list of tasks to perform everyday and get on with it particularly if you hear that negative voice address it and say “oh no, I’ve got work to do.” If you give the positive side of your brain food in the form of a list of things to do the negative side of your brain won’t be able to get a word in edgewise.

If you build yourself a realistic list of tasks to do everyday you’ll find this helps. Don’t give in to that negative self-doubt; force yourself to start on that list. The word “realistic” is very important here. If you set yourself too much to do you’ll find you get stressed out, physically exhausted and disappointed, and with that disappointment comes – you know it, that negative voice again!

You can achieve home business success simply by giving yourself a list of tasks to do daily. Getting through that list should give you a sense of achievement – not stress. Consistent hard work will bring you the results you desire. Alongside your daily list of things to do you should also have a list of goals placed where you can see it. This may remind you that you wanted to earn a certain amount of dollars this month for a particular reason, or if you generated 50 good leads last month your goal may be to generate 75 good leads this month. Again always be realistic.

Another thing to mention is that you can’t work seven days a week, human beings need at least one day of rest. Spending time enjoying yourself with your family and friends can clear your head. Sometimes being a business owner you can’t see the wood for the trees and stepping away from a business problem can often provide a solution. Good ideas are more likely to enter our heads when we are not busy or stressed. The idea of owning a home business is to work as little as possible while earning as much as you can and spending the rest of the time living a good life.

In network marketing you have a team of people who are constantly looking up to you and asking for help. If you’re full of self-doubt then you’re not going to be an effective leader. Once you find the best ways to dispel self-doubt you can pass this tip on to any member of your team who is having a problem with self-doubt or lack of motivation too.

Do you have periods of self-doubt? How do you deal with it?

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