Network Marketing – Why has It Got Such a Bad Name?

Network Marketing – Why has It Got Such a Bad Name?

The Pyramid Argument

Every day hundreds of people – probably thousands  – consider starting a business, but many won’t even consider network marketing because it has such a bad reputation.

Network marketing started back in the 1940s and it has survived until today. It generates billions of dollars for the companies involved and handsome rewards for those who master it, but only pennies for those who don’t.

Network marketing is the same as any normal business – a pyramid – the CEOs and people at the apex make the big money, while the peons at the bottom earn the least. In a regular business you start at a level you have the qualifications and experience for and then hope for a promotion and a raise every few years.

In network marketing you can go from earning zero to making a very healthy six-figure income fast if you have the will and the skills – so it’s not the pyramid model that’s at fault!

Why do Network Marketing Companies Exist Anyway?

The main reason is to get their products in front of people they normally wouldn’t be able to reach. This is done through personal networking and word of mouth which has been proven to be the most effective way of promoting any product.

So where’s the Problem?

If you take the time to examine the whole network marketing model logically, you’ll see there is nothing wrong with it at all! It doesn’t discriminate, and it doesn’t hobble anyone by capping earnings. You can be all you want to be with network marketing without having to punch a time clock or kowtow to a boss.

Here is where the problem is – it’s the confusion and misinformation spread around, mostly by people who have failed at network marketing or just don’t understand it. Why did they fail? Because they didn’t work at it, learn or strive to improve. If they acted the same way in a regular job they’d probably be fired, or end up doing the same job their entire working lives.

Would you apply for a highly paid job in an industry you knew nothing about? Probably not. And that’s where the problem lies. Either newcomers are unwilling to learn the business or too many network marketing companies and/or their uplines are simply not providing enough professional training.

If someone says it’s easy, it isn’t. Starting any business is not easy – and that’s what this is – A BUSINESS – not a pastime or something you do when you feel like it – you’ll never succeed with that attitude.

Learn All you can About Networking AND Marketing

You have to learn everything in this life to become good at it, so my advice is before you sign up, make sure the network marketing company you choose provides excellent training AND your sponsor is willing to go the extra mile to help you. You can even go a step further. If you like network marketing and achieve a modicum of success, invest in your business and get a coach. It’s like investing in a Master’s Degree, you will reap the rewards, and coaching doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Network marketing is about dealing with people – networking. Even though most online network marketing courses stress the benefits of being online to be successful, you have to take the time to get down to a personal level with your prospects. A persuasive yet friendly voice on the phone, or a handshake is worth a hundred emails!

Plan and set goals, learn by your mistakes, and always look for innovative new ideas when it comes to the most difficult aspect of network marketing – lead generation. Understand your prospects and learn everything you can, especially about marketing. If you get stuck, confused, depressed or frustrated make sure you have a sponsor, or later a coach who can help.

The way to building any successful business is fraught with hurdles and problems so keep learning and you’ll be taking your network marketing business to the next level, sooner than you’d expected.

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