Why Do You Want to Build Your MLM Business Online?

Despite what many people in MLM will tell you it is extremely difficult to build lasting relationships with prospects online. Too many people enter this industry with the idea that they can stay home and hide behind a computer all day. The internet is simply a tool for advertising your business opportunity and to obtain leads.

The most successful network marketers that I know – and these are people who make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, spend the majority of their day talking to people either on the phone or face-to-face.

You have to enjoy working with people and helping them by whatever means possible, and if you don’t like talking to people then you’re going to have a really hard time building a successful network marketing business.

The best reason to build an online MLM business is to get your name recognized and to generate leads. The personal touch is going to be what gives you the edge and if you have an outgoing personality and a genuine desire to help people you will find that your natural inclination will be to get away from your computer as much as possible!

There’s no way around it, network marketing is a people business. I once asked a successful network marketer what his typical day was like. When you consider that he has a downline of nearly 12,000 he told me he spends the majority of his day on the phone giving advice, encouraging members of his team and helping them resolve problems and become better marketers. He is also the first contact for serious leads that come in from his website.

For at least a couple of months of the year he’s on the road. He holds meetings twice a year where people travel to hear him talk. He makes videos frequently, does podcasts, is often interviewed by other network marketers, writes training material and spends the rest of his time coordinating and working on making his business even more successful.

This man loves what he does; in fact I asked him how he ever gets time to enjoy all the money he was making. He said he couldn’t have much more fun than he does every day just running his business. He loves people, always responds to e-mail messages and will always call promptly. Thanks to Smartphones we are no longer tied to an office!

The secret to his success does stem from his online efforts. The majority of his leads come in via his websites and are a result of all the online and offline publicity he gets. He didn’t become a well-known personality by hiding behind a monitor all day!

Many people don’t want the responsibility of having that many people in a downline! But because he trains his people well, it’s not as much of a nightmare as you may imagine. He knows what works and passes all his techniques on to the folks in his downline. They follow his formula for success and many of his team members he only meets once or twice a year at meetings. They emulate his success and in a way become like franchisees of his methods.

His formula for success is effective lead generation; they are the building blocks of a successful network marketing business. Using the right system anyone can generate massive amounts of qualified leads. The secret is to becoming known as an expert and sharing that expertise with everyone, and that means meeting people and spending a lot of time on the phone. It takes patience and persistence and a lot of personal interaction with many different kinds of people.

All network marketing companies suggest you build a website. Don’t just think you can build a site and sit back and relax. Building a website is easy, marketing yourself and your opportunity is the hardest part and if you don’t like dealing with people then I suggest you try online affiliate marketing instead.

How did you start your network marketing business? Did you spend all day on the internet or did you also start getting the word out about your opportunity employing additional methods?

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