What Kind of Personality do you need in Network Marketing?

When most people think network marketing the word sales nearly always comes to mind. While direct retail experience or a background dealing with the general public may appear to be a useful asset, most of the time it really isn’t necessary.

The basis of successful network marketing is not being able to sell, it’s more about being able to help people, and a customer service background may often be more helpful than experience in sales. A customer services representative who has been trained to listen may often be more successful than a salesperson whose only objective is to close the deal.

Network marketing is about building relationships, especially when others join your downline team. Team building and leadership are far more important aspects of network marketing than anything else. It’s a successful team who will earn you, as their leader, the majority of your income.

Can Introverts Succeed at Network Marketing?

Definitely. Introverts are often analytical people. They may not say much but that doesn’t mean they don’t understand what’s going on. They are often extremely good listeners which is a vital part of interacting with others effectively.

Most people would rather tell their troubles to somebody who takes the time to listen, eventually coming up with a solution for them. When you come across people who ask to join your team many of them have financial problems and needs. They will be far more comfortable unburdening themselves to someone who takes the time to listen and empathize.

Why do Extroverts often Fail at Network Marketing?

The obnoxious little man who gets in your face on the car showroom parking lot is very often not a good candidate for network marketing. He may be able to sell a few cars but he’s never going to be able to build a successful downline team. He has that in-your-face attitude. He’s not in the least bit interested about how your teenage son wrecked your last car. All he can see is meeting his monthly sales figures. He’ll tell you any cock and bull story about a vehicle just to get you to sign on the dotted line.

If he wants to get into network marketing, you can guarantee he’s the one shouting and waving his arms around at the sales meeting. He knows everything and everybody avoids him. He’ll be untrainable, like a bad dog.

Successful Team Building – it takes All Types

Network marketing not only means building relationships with potential customers and downline team members, it’s about maintaining those relationships and leading. To become extremely successful at network marketing you must nurture and mentor your team members, some of whom will go on to build their own teams.

If you can help your team members to each become successful, leading by example, then those teams become similar to franchises. A leader will emerge who understands how your systems and mentoring work, and they in turn will replicate your success by teaching their team the right way of doing things.

Teams are made up of many different types of personality. Some will be good at attracting other potential team members. Some will be good at closing. Some will be great at generating leads. By getting your team together and making sure each one builds a relationship with the other a lot of your work will be done for you.

Training people effectively, setting systems in place that work for everyone and always being there when people need you, is the core of a successful network marketing business.

Everyone, introvert or extrovert has their own specific talents. As a leader you will be like a chef, amalgamating all these different personality ingredients to come up with a cohesive and successful team.

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