What Is a Funded Proposal System?

If you’re going to concentrate most of your network marketing efforts using the internet then there will be a period when you’re not making any money. Even after you’ve put together a fabulous website, unless you’re incredibly lucky you’re not going to be getting hoards of people opting in for information about your product or opportunity immediately. During this time you should be setting up systems, getting organized and learning more about your product. You should also start participating in as many social media arenas as are suitable for your business.

Could you survive for six months – possibly more without any income? Even if you have worked hard to attract qualified traffic, conversion rates are not going to be 100%, they’ll be more like 1%. It’s during this time that most people give up on their network marketing efforts, through disappointment and lack of funds. Anybody who has studied network marketing understands that leads are the most important thing in the business, because without them you have no business.

A funding proposal system is one way to get highly qualified leads automatically and offers the added bonus of providing cash flow through upfront commissions while you’re waiting to get a substantial daily influx of qualified leads.

What a Funded Proposal System can do for You

The beauty of a funded proposal system is that you can attract highly qualified leads 24/7 and even if these leads do not join your primary opportunity you receive commissions. The system provides the opportunity to offer an inexpensive but very useful product on the front-end before you pitch your primary business. The commissions can cover your advertising and other expenses.

It sounds very simple and it is – thousands of network marketers have benefited from implementing a funded proposal system and they do work very well.

How is a Funded Proposal System Implemented?

You need a website, a product obviously, and most importantly a source of traffic. This can come from anywhere – Facebook, article marketing, YouTube or Twitter and people experienced in the business often pay for Pay-per-Click (PPC) or Pay-per-View (PPV) advertising. As a newcomer you probably should leave the paid advertising alone and concentrate on free traffic sources first.

If you like using Twitter for example you can drive traffic to a landing page by posting regular eye-catching Tweets by using a link shortener such as Bit.ly. Using Bit.ly offers a big advantage because you can track clicks and easily see from the graphs provided how your Tweets are doing. The biggest and most popular funded proposal system also gives you a ready-made, highly effective, customizable capture page to use. Savvy network marketers will not just use one Twitter account, they will have set up many for their campaign and post perhaps a dozen Tweets across all their accounts at regular intervals every day.

However you choose to drive traffic to your site, a capture page is extremely important. Once visitors have clicked through to the capture page you want to do everything to ensure they opt in. By joining one of the best funded proposals systems you will enjoy high conversion rates when people enter the sales funnel and buy the product. Of course you could try doing this yourself but many of the top earning network marketers say that by joining one of the best funded proposal systems you won’t have to go through the pain of designing, creating and testing a lead capture page because it’s all done for you.

What are the Benefits of a Funded Proposal System?

  • It can give you instant cash flow for funding any other advertising you wish to do.
  • By offering an inexpensive product purchasers become “warm” leads, and these warm leads are much easier to sell to when it comes to offering your primary opportunity.
  • You start building trust immediately by resolving prospects’ problems and forming a relationship.
  • You are immediately seen to be a leader and an expert.
  • Your network marketing opportunity becomes far more attractive.
  • You can teach this method to your team, thereby generating a better income for them which means you will have a lower attrition rate in your downline.

These are only a few of the many benefits for using one of the best funded proposal systems.

Once you start generating income from a funded proposal system then you can generate even more leads by using paid advertising – and the great thing is once a funded proposal system is set up it does it all on autopilot without very little further input.

The top 1% of network and MLM marketers use a funded proposal system, so doesn’t it make sense that you should use one too?

Have you used a funded proposal system? What are your thoughts – are you still using it successfully?

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