What If You Ask “What If?”

“What if we matched our competitor’s price, would you purchase it today?”

What if I told you this kind of question should be avoided? My personal response to the above question would be something like “I’ll think about it.” To many the above question is too direct and too pushy. A What If question may work occasionally and clinch the deal, but there are far better sales techniques you can employ without asking these confrontational questions.

The above “What if” sales technique is rarely effective, especially if you are trying to deal with a customer objection, it is an amateur technique that causes more problems than it can solve and if you do have to ask a What If question, your sales technique is at fault.

The correct technique is to be aware of all these objections before you start and address them during the sales process early on, so you will never have to ask a What if question.  There is a deep psychology behind selling effectively, so you must try to get inside your prospect’s head before he comes up with objections.

You should be asking him better questions, and finding out what his exact needs are.  Many people haven’t a clue what they want, while others have armed themselves with information and questions before they enter the door. Like a boy scout, you have to be prepared.

Always let the prospective customer feel like he is in control and never pressure him. Of course there are certain questions you will have to ask to get a direct yes or no answer, but be careful. Make your prospective customer comfortable and let him feel like he is driving the conversation, while all the time you are going through a gentle process of eliciting what he really wants, and this method can apply to just about any product or service.

Make your customer or prospect think by asking good quality questions. What is a good quality question you may ask? Basically anything that makes him think about the benefits of your product or service. With the right techniques you can make your prospect sell to himself! It isn’t easy, but once you have developed a systematic sales technique that includes addressing all major objections during your conversation, you will find that your customer will only be asking questions like “When can you deliver it?”

Remember you are not pitching your product; you are helping your prospect to make a decision. You are doing your best to solve his problem and he will soon realize that is what you are trying to do, then he will begin to trust you and appreciate what you are doing.  Then you can decide what would be best for him and steer him to the appropriate product or service.

Don’t think that maybe you are getting too personal with him; people love to talk about their problems! If you can come out with the best solution to his problem, after spending some time listening, and not just talking, then you will more than likely have a sale.

If you are in direct offline sales, do you have any tips you can add? We would love to hear from you!

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4 Responses to What If You Ask “What If?”

  1. Donna Abreu says:

    Great post, Gabriele. Sales training is very important to this business.
    Donna Abreu recently posted…Google Revamps to Fight CheatersMy Profile

  2. Ruth says:

    Hey Gabriele, great post. Its important to know what you customers objections beforehand.
    Ruth recently posted…Social Media Syndication – How I Improved My Alexa Ranking By 500-000 In Just 2 WeeksMy Profile

  3. Nate Forrest says:

    Sorting, not Convincing….Sharing, not pushing….listening, not talking too much….
    Providing value, not worried about the ones that dont see the value….
    all ways to have a confident perspective on “selling!”
    Great article, Gabriele….enjoyed it.

  4. kareem williams says:

    I love what I see here, your content is awesome, I can not wait to come back for the next post. thanks a million
    kareem williams recently posted…Become That All Star-Superstar Player Of Your MLM BusinessMy Profile

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