What are the Best Companies and Products in MLM

If you’re on the verge of starting your own MLM business and you’re not sure what to promote or which company to join, one of the best places you can get information is at MLMRankings.com. This site is full of useful information and articles about network marketing.

The following companies are always in the top 10:

• Avon
• Pampered Chef
• Mary Kay
• Scentsy
• Amway
• Herbalife International
• Tupperware

So what do these MLM companies have in common?

Number one they have all been in business for a long time – over five years. They also have strong management teams who have been in the network marketing industry for many years and know the business model back to front.

It’s the product. But they all sell different products! Yes they do, but there is one important factor with these top MLM companies – what they all sell are known as “evergreen” products.

It always amazes people that these companies offer similar products that can be purchased just about anywhere. The secret to their success is the quality of those products and the way they are marketed.

Back before the Internet women network marketers invited people into their homes for makeup demonstrations, this was the first kind of attraction marketing and it worked extremely well – they built strong relationships with all of the members of their team and their customers. Nowadays this has to be translated over to the Internet, but it’s still what’s known as attraction marketing.

Pampered Chef is in the business of selling kitchen gadgets etc. Everybody needs pots and pans and will continue to need those products into the foreseeable future. Again this company started out with a team of networkers who used to do cooking demonstrations in people’s homes and in malls.

Everybody needs good quality storage products and that’s why Tupperware is still one of the top MLM companies today. People will always need places to store things! Amway sells over 450 different products all to do with home care, car care, health and wellness products and laundry care products, and again these are things that people will always need.

Herbalife has been around for many years and their products are in the health and wellness field, among others.

Another reason why these companies are still going strong is that they offer a good commission plan – a simple plan that anyone can understand. If you’re looking at an MLM company it’s always a good idea to find out what their compensation plan is, as many of these plans are extremely complicated with names such as “matrix” or “Australian One-up” which are hard to explain on paper, so if nobody at the company is willing to explain the compensation plan in layman’s terms to you it’s probably best to find a company that offers a much easier to understand system, such as a binary plan.

The company you choose should also offer extensive training and good marketing materials that you can give to prospective customers. Your upline sponsor should be your mentor, and this may be quite difficult if you sign up online to join someone’s team. Watch their website and see how interactive they are with their downline and also how willing they are to help others. I would also look for a phone number where you can actually talk to the person and ask them questions directly.

Choosing an MLM company that does not have a long, successful track record, or offers products that will be obsolete in a few years, or are too expensive will never be grounds for building a successful network marketing business. So stick with those evergreen products and a company which is consistently at the top of MLMRankings.com lists.

What criteria did you use to find a network marketing company when you first started out? Are you still with that company and can you give any more advice about how to choose the right network marketing company for someone interested in getting into the business?

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