Video Etiquette – Please!

Without a doubt, video marketing is one of an internet or network marketer’s best tools to use for getting his message across. Podcasts and sound recordings came and went – the “radio” era of the internet – and we quickly moved into the “TV” age if you like.

Take a look at YouTube, it’s #2 on the list of search engines used on the internet, but to me there is one big fat flaw with videos, and I’ve heard the same complaint from many others.

When I find a video that I may be interested in – and whoever has made that video has enticed me with a snappy title, my eyes roll down to the length of the video. Hmm, 12:32, that’s quite a bit of time in a busy day to be sitting there watching a video, especially if it turns out to be no use to me.

If you are out on the internet looking for a video about a simple product that you may be interested in, that’s fine, but when it comes to something more complicated, I’m sure a lot of people would like the written word as well.

It’s got to the point that I avoid YouTube, and seek my video information elsewhere, I guess I may be the exception, but when I want information I want it written alongside the video, so I can speed read it and judge quickly whether the content is going to be of any use to me. Only then will I watch a video that’s more than 2 or 3 minutes long.

Okay call me old-fashioned if you like, but I seem to have spent far too much time recently either watching a video that is absolutely no darned interest or use to me, despite its enticing title, or it is so chock full of information I want to write it all down.

Now, if that text was there in the first place, you wouldn’t have seriously inconvenienced me now would you, mister video-maker?  You’re already on my bad list, so you’re going to have to make a seriously amazing video for me to forgive you, and purchase your product.

Okay the general public is a bunch of lazy slobs, most of them want every thing spoon-fed to them NOW, but I’m not one of them.

The other day I thought, “surely these video-posters are missing out on a lot of SEO opportunities”, I couldn’t understand how these little videos were getting pulled high up into Google’s search results. Well duh, Google owns YouTube and of course, there are ways to effectively SEO your YouTube video, stands to reason I suppose.

For those who have linked their videos to at least a useful synopsis of what it is they are talking about, I thank them. I hope they are doing better than most – it would be interesting to get some stats on that.

Regardless, if you can take the time to write down what you are talking about in your video, there will be one person here that appreciates it.

Call me old-fashioned – I am essentially a reader and a writer when it comes to the internet. I like my information in the form of the written word, especially if what is being promoted is a technique, a useful tool, or is in the least bit complicated.

Otherwise I am sitting here writing incoherent shorthand (last used by me in 1976) or trying to transcribe the video as it goes along. That 12:32 has turned into an hour – so it had better be good!

So read my lips video-makers, write that stuff down, so I don’t have to read your lips!

Do you agree? Am I the only one that gets annoyed by text-less video posts?  Please drop us a note with your comments.

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3 Responses to Video Etiquette – Please!

  1. David Dettmann says:

    Great Blog cheers Dave

  2. Jan Hickling says:

    I love video but it’s got to be short. Unless it is a specific lesson I have the attention span of , well a lazy slob. If it is a lesson the length can go up to an hour without me loosing focus. I am a visual learner so video is good for me. I really like webinars with the desk top displayed. I can retain so much more from watching and listening than sludging through a text book. I agree an outline would be good to follow along but for a visual learner video is a blessing. It would have made a big difference if the various learning styles were recognized when I was in school.
    You got me thinking –
    Jan Hickling recently posted…How to Work at Home with a FamilyMy Profile

    • Jan, I agree with you, I am also a visual learner and love video lessons instead of studying material I lose otherwise focus fast. And don’t get me wrong, I do also like webinars with the desktop displayed.
      But, a lot of internet and network marketers are releasing videos on their sites with no text. For me, with little kids around, it is, and you might not believe it, much easier to read a blog or article, then sit and watch a video. I have also come across so many videos that had nothing to say and were not even related to the title and that is such a waste of time for everyone. With text I would have found out fast if it is worth going through. The next time there could be really an interesting worthy video on the site but I would not know because the ones before were disappointing. So text (even an outline) with the video is always a good idea.

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