Using RSS in Network Marketing and MLM

In search engine optimization, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds can act in ways similar to press releases and have the ability to attract a larger prospect audience to your products and/or services.

Today’s buyer, thanks to the Internet, is a very well-educated buyer and before any sale is completed most people go through a process of qualification. This is why we include general articles on all blogs and websites so that prospects can understand that you know your stuff. If the site simply consists of landing pages and sales copy most people are turned off, and the search engines don’t like it either. Adding good quality content is all part of building a relationship with visitors, and comes under the heading of “attraction marketing”. Finding someone who is genuinely interested in your products or offer is the whole purpose of marketing after all. RSS is a great way to accomplish this relationship-building process and also has the added bonus of helping you generate links to your blog. User engagement and back links are essential for helping your site to move up in the search engine rankings and also help with long-term brand recognition.

The power of syndication and RSS feeds both represent an enormous opportunity for lead generation and bringing vast amounts of traffic to your site. To attract leads in such large numbers before the internet would have cost thousands of dollars, and to benefit from this the only cost to you is the time or money it takes for you to produce good quality content. With careful keyword research combined with the power of syndication via RSS feeds information can be produced that will be in big demand.

The use of RSS feeds gives you the ability to attract attention to your brand and company. There are a number of results that can come from using RSS feeds, people may bookmark your article on social sites, subscribe to your RSS feed, and if your content is of consistently good quality people may recommend your site to others.

Of course all these favorable outcomes mentioned above can increase your bottom line. Marketing is all about exposure in the right places and the outcome rests on how the business can translate that exposure into sales.

The best thing to do is to ping your blog, which simply means that all the RSS aggregation sites are informed of your new content. At some point they will send out bots that will place a new link to your content on their sites and therefore drive visitors to you. If you are using WordPress this is really easy and you can simply use Pingomatic to do this for you. You will have to add your new blog to as many of these RSS directories as you can find. Take the time to do this, as you will definitely benefit. RSS directories are pretty much like web directories, they just index your RSS feed and not your site.

After completing these few simple steps everything else is automatic. Now it’s up to you how often you update your site with fresh and relevant content. The more frequently you update your blog the more success you should have theoretically, and therefore drive more targeted traffic to your site.

If you use RSS on your site what benefits have you seen? If you added an RSS as feed to your site some time after building it, did you see an increase in traffic? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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