Two Ways to Build your Downline

Just like the Marines, some network marketers only like to recruit the best of the best into their downline team. When you’re just starting out in network marketing it may be a temptation to sign up anyone who shows the slightest bit of interest in your opportunity but despite the wonderful idea that you can quickly recruit hundreds of people who will start making money for you, you will still have to attend to these people’s needs and answer their questions, train and mentor them. Wasting your precious time on people who are going to give up trying to put any effort into their business after a few weeks, I think, is pointless.

Personally I think it’s better to recruit 20 to 50 people yourself – handpick them and make sure they’re willing to work hard on their own network marketing enterprises. It’s a lot easier and far less time-consuming to deal with 50 people who know what they’re doing rather than 100 who have to be spoon fed and are constantly on the phone asking questions. By limiting the number of people in your downline you can concentrate on training them well and then they, in turn, can sponsor and train their own downlines.

That third tier of people will know many others that you will never encounter, so your business can grow into areas that have never been covered before.

Before you do this, make sure you thoroughly understand your compensation plan. It may be structured in such a way that you can’t benefit from the sales from that third tier of people, most will, but just make sure.

You may disagree with this point of view, as many network marketers believe in recruiting as many people as they possibly can hoping that even those who do not make a go of their own businesses will at least continue to get the basic autoship package for their own use, at least for a few months.

Whichever way you choose, as their sponsor you should do everything you possibly can to ensure each recruit’s success. You should arrange regular personalized training sessions if some people are having difficulty and be available at set times of the day for your downline to reach you by phone. You could even make a series of videos covering common questions and problems and post them on YouTube and/or on your website.

Stay in constant contact with your team via email, sending out industry news and offering helpful advice. Don’t let them feel like you don’t care – you could always set up a series of training emails through an autoresponder system, and run competitions to keep people involved and motivated. It’s amazing how a few words of encouragement even via email can brighten someone’s day and get them motivated.

As you get to know your team, it won’t be long before you see who the natural leaders are and you will be able to give them their own team-building tasks. By carefully monitoring your distributor statements, you will see who isn’t pulling their weight or is having difficulty. Work with them as much as possible until they either decide to give up or get their business back on track.

You’re a leader now, take that responsibility seriously, and you will soon start making a serious income.

Which approach you take to sponsoring?  Do you have a limited number of hand-picked, very effective team members or do you go for the idea of “the more the merrier”?

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