Tips on Effective MLM Recruiting

Recruiting people into your downline is easier for some than others. To listen to some of the gurus you’d think that people would be chasing you down the street, but you’ll soon find out that’s not true. When you realize that MLM is really not about selling individual product but recruiting others and leveraging their time to sell product, you’ll see how important it is to be able to recruit effectively.

You could spend hours online reading all the blogs and articles there are about MLM recruiting, some are helpful and some are a complete waste of time.

The most effective way of recruiting people is to help them with their needs and problems – it’s that simple. Just about everybody needs extra money these days, so the number of people interested in getting into MLM has increased dramatically.

You Don’t Need Leads – You Need Qualified Leads!

Leads are a dime a dozen and that’s probably what most of them are worth even if you buy them, which you shouldn’t. Network marketing is like anything else on the internet, if you take some time you’ll find out where network marketers hang out – in forums and blogs and there are Facebook Groups dedicated to network marketing.

Think what you can offer your potential leads to get them into the top of your funnel. It should be something free and useful and you could advertise a small e-book to get people to sign up on your landing or capture page.

Always remember you are trying to help people and solve their problems. Anything you can give them free of charge will not only be useful to them but if they’ve signed up, most are already valuable “warm” prospects.

Follow Me!

Why do you follow certain people and bookmark their blogs? Why do you invariably open all of the e-mails from certain people? Because they have leadership qualities and you know the information they are sharing is useful to you. This is how you need to position yourself.

It”s also a good idea to get a phone number when someone opts in so you can not only discuss their needs with them but you can also ascertain a number of other things:

  • Are they really serious about starting their own business?
  • Do they have the time?
  • Do they have what it takes to start their own business? (Attitude)
  • Do they have capital to invest?
  • What are their goals?

It’s considerably easier and quicker to find out via a phone call rather than a series of e-mails. Many people don’t like writing.

You’re also positioning yourself as a leader by helping them to decide if MLM is for them.

Establish your Own Credibility

Many people want to know all about you and how successful you are before they’ll sign up. You can do this by using attraction marketing methods. Get your face on webinars and videos and provide prospects with opportunities to talk to you on your blog or by phone. Use all the popular social media platforms to help establish your credibility, expertise and leadership qualities. Talk to them regularly in e-mails, these can be sent to all your prospects using an autoresponder, so that won’t be a time-consuming aspect of recruitment.

Video Presentations

As mentioned above, it’s a good idea to let people have your phone number but you don’t want to be spending all day on the phone. The problem with the United States and its time zones is people will be calling you from Florida at five o’clock in the morning if you live in California, and long into the night.

To avoid this you will want to set up a series of video presentations. You can relay a lot more information in a 30-minute video then you can in a 30-minute phone call because the other person is going to ask questions. Plan your videos in such a way that you can answer all the FAQs as you go along.

Do everything you can to help but make it easy on yourself.


Many people are terrified of the whole closing process. There’s no need to be if a prospect is very motivated. You can give them little verbal nudges, like “Do you think you’d like to get started today?’ There’s certainly an art to it but it’s not as nerve-racking as most people think. If people keep saying no to you then they’re probably not at the final point of that decision-making process, so you should continue to help them further.

Unless you have one of those “flashy things” they used on Men in Black, there’s not going to be a magical way to get everyone you approach to sign up. It would be nice!

Just keep moving your prospects down through your sales funnel, give them all the information and help them in what they need and if they don’t sign up today let them know you’re there for them. Starting a home business in network marketing is a big step – you should appreciate that from your own experiences.

Would you say you’re successful at recruiting people into your downline easily? Do you have any tips you could share with those just starting out in network marketing?

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