Tips for Positive Prospecting

Effective MLM prospecting is an art that you’ll have to work on if you’re going to be able to generate the leads you’ll need to maintain a successful business.

There are a number of things you should remember.

Adapt your initial “presentation” on the fly

You will never meet two people who are exactly the same and the circumstances will always be different. Don’t give the same tired old speech, because after saying it a dozen times you’ll sound just like a scripted telemarketer. Nobody will be interested.

As you become more adept, you’ll have to be able to make a quick judgment about the prospect standing in front of you and adapt your approach accordingly.

But don’t convince yourself that you can always judge people correctly. Richard Branson is a multi-billionaire – I met him a couple of times and he doesn’t dress to impress!

You will also learn how to read body language, which is always useful for gauging how your talk is going and how the other person really feels. It’s interesting, so read up on it. If your prospect exhibits any of the wrong signs, take mental note and change tack.

It’s all About the Prospect – not YOU!

Nobody could give a rat’s ass about how many employees YOUR company has, how big YOUR downline is, where YOUR business is located … Snore!

The best MLM prospecting is brief and tells the prospect what you can do for them. Your little talk should also leave them wanting more. You’re sowing seeds that will stimulate curiosity and hopefully grow into a profitable relationship for both of you.

Use your Words like Paint

By painting a picture of how your prospect’s life could be improved by joining your opportunity, they should walk away imagining a life without the boss they hate, driving a new car and being able to afford to put the kids through college.

You’ll be like those Reader’s Digest books – offering just a taste so the prospect will want to get the whole story. And your preliminary questions about her job, family etc., should all include the word YOU. Show that you’re genuinely interested, which you should be!

Be Honest

There are still network marketers who get new recruits by telling lies. Sure you’ll be able to pay cash for that new Beamer, yes go ahead and book an expensive vacation.

The truth is the prospect will have to work hard and learn a lot, just as building any business requires.

If you want to be an effective and trusted leader always be honest – or you’ll end up with people who don’t trust you, will quit and bad-mouth you everywhere.

Keep it Positive

You may ask a perfectly normal question like “what profession are you in?” (We’ll come to how you word certain questions in a minute). The answer may be “I just lost my job and my house is in foreclosure.”

Bummer, but don’t dwell on it. Move the conversation onto how you can help them instead of commiserating and getting into a downward negative spiral.

You don’t want to leave your prospect more depressed than when you found her – just the opposite.

Always keep your conversation on a positive note.

By asking what their profession is rather than what job they do is an indirect form of flattery and you won’t be insulting a person who does have a profession! Flattery can often get you everywhere, but use it sparingly.


A conversation is as much about talking as listening. Yes, you will meet people who go on and on about themselves. Learn to find the opportunities to turn the conversation around. You want it to be a positive experience – not something that leaves you both scratching your heads and feeling down afterwards.

Is this Person Actually Suited to your Opportunity?

Here’s another tough – and very fast – evaluation you’ll have to do. I can’t tell you how many network marketers will take anyone with a pulse into their downline.

What’s the point? So you can brag and say you have a downline of 100 when only 10 are worth their salt? The other 90 are dead wood. They’re wasting administrative time and will become a burden. Most importantly, they’re not adding to your income.

Learn to say no to people who are just not suitable.

You’re Building a Team – Not a List!

Building a strong bond with your team members is essential. Would this potential new prospect fit in? What does she have in common with other members? Do you think she’s got what it takes? Will she be willing to learn your system for making a great income?

Phew, it’s a lot to learn. But top recruiters know how to do it – that’s how they earn the big bucks.

Find a heavy-hitter in your company and learn from them. Just a few words can often make all the difference in successful MLM prospecting.

Do you have any handy tips for successful prospecting? Please share them with us.

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  1. Jazz Site

    Yep. No two prospects are the same and you have to marketing to each one differently. You have to listen to your prospects first and foremost. Honestly goes a long way.

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