Tips for Building Your Customer List


You may have heard people saying “the money’s in the list” and an up-to-date list full of qualified potential customers and/or prospects is an absolute must for any network marketer.

The process of compiling such a list can be daunting for any new network marketer, but it really doesn’t need to be so. The process of building a list and communicating with prospects on that list can be completely automated via the use of an autoresponder system.

The most effective way to capture e-mail addresses first of all is to build an effective lead capture or “squeeze” page. Often called a landing page, this is where interested prospects will come if they want more information, or if you’re offering something free such as an e-book.

An autoresponder is basically an automated e-mail system for which you pay a monthly fee. The best autoresponder systems will work for as many websites as you own, so you don’t have to pay a separate fee for each website.  It’s one of the most important tools in any internet or network marketer’s arsenal. It saves time and works 24/7 for your business.

If you have yet to invest in an autoresponder then it’s time you did. If you’re just starting out and only have a few e-mail addresses you may not think an autoresponder is necessary, but wait until your list grows to thousands!

The only real work involved in setting up an autoresponder is compiling a series of automatic responses when people sign up. Thereafter an e-mail can be sent as often as you wish but it’s recommended that you don’t bombard your subscriber list daily, a good rule of thumb is to send out an e-mail perhaps every two or three days, but of course that depends entirely on your business and your preferences.

When people sign up the autoresponder system sends out a confirmation – you’ve seen them, in order to be Spam Can compliant you must confirm that you actually did sign up to be on any e-mail list. Once that’s done then a welcome message is sent to the subscriber. You can set up an unlimited number of autoresponder messages that will be sent out at preset times on any day of the week and you can preload any number of messages. This is especially useful if you go out of town frequently or you’re going away on vacation.

There are two kinds of autoresponder, the one we mentioned above where you pay a monthly fee and a third-party company sends out your messages for you, or you can set up your own if you have your own server. This is somewhat more complicated and probably not something that most network marketers would consider, it involves a lot of technical aspects including security which most people don’t want to deal with, and besides most good, third-party autoresponder companies only charge a small monthly fee.

What are other benefits of using an autoresponder for your business? Apart from the time-saving aspects, sending an email to your subscribers every few days reminds them about you and your opportunity.

In the old days of cold calling it took an average of 12 to 15 phone calls before getting a positive response from a prospect. It’s about the same with this kind of automated e-mail campaign. You will see results but maybe not immediately.

Your autoresponder system will handle any unsubscribes, keep a tally of the amount of people who subscribe, it can also be set up to send a response if any prospects should e-mail you. You will have to set up all of these responses yourself (it’s not difficult) and you will have to write a series of e-mails yourself. You can outsource this task to an expert if you’re not sure how to go about it.

A few tips:

  • Make your e-mails short and to the point (people these days hate reading long e-mails)
  • Give your email a short but enticing title so it gets opened
  • Do not push your product in every email; make your message friendly and informative as if you were writing to a friend
  • Don’t fill your e-mails full of links, one or two links are sufficient, otherwise people get distracted
  • Don’t send two e-mails a day, once every three days or one a week will be enough to keep reminding your prospect about you and your opportunity
  • Always plan your e-mail campaign carefully if you’re going to set up, say, 20 e-mails at a time
  • Remember to include a Call to Action if you want your subscribers to do something!
  • Remember to include your web address at the bottom of each e-mail (I’m always amazed how many marketers fail to do this!)

Which autoresponder service do I use? The best in the industry – It’s easy to use, provides a wealth of statistics which can help planning a campaign, offers a huge choice of templates and formats for e-mails, and is very inexpensive considering the time it saves. Their customer service is exceptional too.

Wouldn’t you agree that setting up an autoresponder system is one of the most effective tools you can use as a network marketer? Do you have any further tips you can add about using an autoresponder?

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