Tips about what MLM Network Marketing Really Involves

If you’re thinking about getting into network marketing or you’ve already taken the steps to join a company, it doesn’t matter what you’ve been told, there are a number of things you must understand in order to be successful.

Network marketing will be your business – not a hobby that you do just when you feel like it. Successful network marketers eat, live and breathe their businesses. There are many in this industry who make six and seven figure incomes every year. When most of us would be considering retirement or kicking back and enjoying all that money, they’re talking about taking their businesses to the next level!

Get Busy

The word business means busy-ness and that means dedicating your time to getting on with the job. Unfortunately some enter the network marketing business with the crazy idea that they are going to get rich quick with little effort.

It just won’t happen. It involves planning, setting goals, implementing effective systems for lead generation and getting busy interacting and building relationships with others.

Why are the Heavy Hitters so Successful?

Going to network marketing meetings and watching and listening to other successful network marketers’ presentations is an important part of the learning process.

This doesn’t mean doing exactly what they do. If all successful network marketers did things the same way they would end up acting like a bunch of clones. There are many heavy hitters in the network marketing business, all successful, and all have their own unique personalities and systems.

There is plenty of room for you to take their techniques and adapt them to the way you want to do them (providing they still work effectively).

Success in network marketing stems from your personality. Stand out from the clones and you’ll soon cultivate a large following. Like that famous Nike tagline – just do it. Stop dreaming and start doing and if one thing doesn’t work, try something else and don’t give up.

Leadership is Everything

Everyone who stands up on that stage is a leader. They’re not afraid to say “hey look at me! I want to share my success story with you, so you can do it too”. That’s what leaders are there for, to mentor and pass on their secrets.

In the beginning you may not feel you have leadership qualities but it’s amazing what happens once you start achieving your goals and reaping the financial rewards you feel you deserve.

People will start asking questions. They’ll come to you to give them the answers. These are the first baby steps to leadership.

It’s like driving a brand-new expensive car – you’ll want everybody to look at you and ask how you did it. Hello neighbor, why do you always look so happy and confident? How come you have such a great lifestyle and I don’t? Tell me your secret …

Success is infectious.

Online or Off-Line Network Marketing?

There is a lot of talk about the benefits of online or off-line network marketing and two schools of thought as to which is better. Many network marketers have become successful in both areas; a combination of the two will make for a far more interesting and stimulating work week.

Even if you intend to concentrate your efforts online, it’s not going to be easy. Building relationships with people via email and blogs is somewhat superficial. Personally I think it’s far easier to build lasting relationships and a successful downline when you can meet them regularly face-to-face.

Either way, you must have a website or blog. It takes just as much work building a network marketing business online as it does off-line. It’s definitely more complicated, especially when you have to constantly be involved in social media, understanding the subtleties of online marketing and always being aware of what the search engines and your target audience is looking for.

Personally I feel it’s far easier to build relationships face-to-face with real, everyday people. You’ll also know immediately if you have a hot prospect. Online that’s far more difficult.

I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to be having fun within a social group rather than sitting at home building backlinks! Most people do not want to spend their entire working weeks alone, stuck in front of a computer. If you’re sociable and enjoy meeting new people, then that’s probably the best course of action for your MLM business.

In this computer age many people are becoming isolated and insular. Human beings are sociable creatures by nature and if you feel you would have more success by getting out and meeting people, again, just do it.

This is your business, and once you understand that it’s basically about getting leads, helping others, building a team and leading them in the right direction, it’s really up to you how you choose to do it.

So get busy.

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