The Power of Words in Network Marketing

Below is a short video I wanted to share with you. It briefly illustrates how the power of using effective words can stimulate increased interest and get your message across more succinctly. In this case, 4 words were added to a message. It turned from depressing and negative to positive.

I guessed as soon as the girl in black had rewritten the blind man’s sign she was probably involved in commercial copywriting. Ad copywriters spend hours toiling over taglines and advertisements that often boil down to a handful of carefully chosen words.

It’s bizarre to think that the person who came up with Nike’s tag Line Just do It, Burger King’s Have it Your Way, or Avis’s We Try Harder, was paid thousands of dollars per word! But these taglines have become as well-known as the brand names behind them, designed to automatically associate them with a specific product.

Don’t imagine that the copywriter did it in five minutes. A large amount of research is involved, plus a thorough understanding of the client company’s message.

Online, understanding and giving your target market what they want is essential.  That is the key to writing effective copy (articles/content) for your network marketing website.

Many people trying to market anything online fail to understand and thoroughly research what their target audience is looking for. Their attitude is: Google wants me to add keyword optimized content to my website regularly – how can I get this done quickly and cheaply?

The only acknowledgment to the target market is finding out which keywords are being used. Find the keywords. Add them at the beginning and end of the article and pepper them around in the middle. There’s little thought about the finished product and how helpful it is to a visitor.

Producing halfhearted content will only bring halfhearted visitors.

Few people will read anything in its entirety. A 300-word blog post or a 140-character Tweet can get a message across much more effectively than an 800-word article, especially if it’s only been written to satisfy the search engines.

500 of those words will be filler – no use to anybody. Sentences will be twisted to accommodate keywords. That’s why I think the whole keyword optimization movement is quickly going to decrease in importance. I also believe that’s why Google is increasingly incorporating signals from social media sites into their algorithms. Google+ was a big hint.

Word-of-mouth is the best advertising. Better a visitor comes to your site because it’s been recommended by someone they trust, than arriving there because a carefully keyword optimized article has been served up to her in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

The majority of articles are dull and badly written and offer a visitor very little help or information. They live lonely Tweet-less and Like-less existences.

Understand what your target market wants. Deliver your message in a unique way and as quickly as possible. Use video to convey your message more easily, just like PurpleFeather does in the example above.

Make your words convert into word-of-mouth recommendations. Learn to paint with words. Your visitors will get the picture and want to share.

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  1. Kat's Hands

    The power of the written word can follow one down the path of history or pave the highway to the future. Truer words I have not read in the marketing arena. Thank you for posting this

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