The One Tool Every Network Marketer Must Have

People get into network and internet marketing and the majority is always searching for a “Magic Bullet”. It may be the perfect way to automate lead generation, a “secret” system that will generate high conversion leads, or software that will write quality content for them with one click of a mouse.

All of these things can be found on the internet if you are to believe all the guru-speak, but in truth the majority of people in any kind of internet-based marketing will buy one product, then another, then another – like magpies they swoop down on every new shiny object that they see. That’s great for the gurus but it’s not going to do a darn thing for their businesses.

The most important thing in network marketing without a doubt is lead generation. If you don’t have an effective squeeze page then you’re lacking one of the most useful tools you can have. Call it what you will, a landing page, opt in page, lead capture page – whatever, if you don’t have one you need one now.

This is the most vital tool for generating leads. This is where your visitors will leave their e-mail address, name and any other information such as a phone number which you deem useful.

Lead generation used to be expensive, but with the endless number of social media sites and other resources online it’s possible to generate endless amounts of leads without spending very much money. If you set up a blog or website to capture leads and talk about your product or services that will run you the cost of a domain namehosting and the monthly price of a good autoresponder – a financial investment of under $25 a month. If you can generate a couple of hundred good leads from your blog or website each month then you can see how cheap those leads are. No more shelling out hundreds of dollars for dubious leads, which is what network marketers had to do in the days before the internet.

Squeeze pages make lead generation simple. Most of them are incredibly ugly too! If you can stand to click through to any of the “guru” product sites you’ll see the way their squeeze pages are constructed. You may think “why would anybody fall for all this BS?”but believe me – squeeze pages are built like that because they work. If they didn’t, then they would look like something else!

While you’re looking at these sites, take note of the way they are worded – they don’t give a lot away, they basically tell you the advantages of buying the product and how your life or business will improve once you have purchased it.

If the idea of constructing your own squeeze page fills you with trepidation, then you can have one built for you. You can even buy templated squeeze pages that you can adapt to your particular product and personalize.

Note how many people use testimonials on their landing pages – everyone suspects that these are made up, and I happen to know that many are. I hate dishonesty in marketing; it can ruin an otherwise flawless reputation. If you generate leads from a social media site where you already have a presence, ask for real testimonials from people who have already bought your product and show their pictures. Other people will recognize them and have confidence in your product and you.

You can experiment with different landing pages to find out which one is most effective. You could set up a number of different sites containing these landing pages, keep an eye on the stats and after a few weeks change all landing pages to the one that works best.

What are your thoughts on squeeze pages? Was it a case of trial and error for you before you found the one that brings the most/best leads? Leave a comment and let us know.

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