The Dreamers and the Doers In Network Marketing

One of the most nerve-wracking experiences for a new network marketer is struggling along the steps toward “The Close” – the final part of the selling process where you pray that your prospect is going to say yes and sign on the dotted line. People you think are hot prospects will say no, where others you think are not terribly interested will say yes. It can leave you a little confused and wondering why this happens.

This outcome may be described as “well it’s just a numbers game” but you may be surprised if you can take a few moments to analyze why this happens. It very often just comes down to your prospecting methods; the better qualified the lead, the easier the close. The people that surprised you and said yes looked a little disinterested because they had every intention of buying from the beginning!

Closing a well-qualified prospect is easy. The right steps have been followed through the process of customer service, which is essentially what you are doing, and the closing is simply the final step.

You will always be faced with two kinds of people, the dreamers and the doers. It’s up to you to understand the psychology to be able to put people into these two groups and concentrate your time and efforts on those you believe are the doers.

The dreamers will nearly always end up saying they either can’t afford to buy into your opportunity (whether that’s true or not), they are too lazy, or know in advance that they do not have a list of their own to offer the opportunity to.

For those who have been in sales for some time this selection process comes easily, you could say they have become good judges of character. To those new to network marketing this may be a more difficult process that has to be learned, so the more people you practice this selection process on the better you will become.

Even if you have been told to pitch your opportunity to your friends and family you can use this as an exercise in using your judgment. Think before you do it; you wouldn’t pitch your opportunity to your 97 year old great-grandfather or your 15 year old sister, so you have already started your elimination process. Your friends will be the same. You’ll know who is lazy and who is hungry to make a better life for themselves.

If you are network marketing face-to-face, the process is considerably easier (I think) than doing it via the internet because it is difficult to judge someone if they are simply a lead that comes in via email. Your aim of course is to have a high rate of closure via either method and this will boil down to your effective pre-screening and having the best marketing funnel in place.

You have to present your opportunity in a way that makes your prospects jump a few hurdles at the beginning of the race. That way when it comes to giving a big presentation the people sitting in the room are fired up and positive, those that were too lazy didn’t make it into the funnel and the others who either genuinely couldn’t afford the buy-in or had convinced themselves they couldn’t, will have fallen by the wayside.

Now that you are confronted with a room full of hot prospects in a hotel or a full list of webinar participants you’ll be preaching to the choir and not a bunch of non-believers!

If you are a successful network marketer do you have anything to add to this? Were you “a natural” at weeding out prospects, or did you have to learn how to do it?

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