The 4 Major Categories of Personality you will Meet when Marketing

Any kind of marketing requires an understanding of the people you encounter, especially when you’re prospecting. It may take a while to be able to evaluate people, and often you will still be wrong. Of course this is a very simplistic breakdown, but by watching for certain traits that your prospects and potential customers display early in a meeting it may help you evaluate whether they are right for your team, and whether you should cultivate the relationship or run away screaming! It is a little harder online, but you should be able to classify them after a few emails, posts or comments.


These people make ideal candidates for network marketing because they are –go-getters, they are entrepreneurs at heart and have the will to succeed. Their one major problem is that they don’t like to listen, and consequently show little compassion for others. They want what they want and to hell with everyone else. Money and winning are their biggest motivators.

If you can get through to a Red and tell him that network marketing is about using someone else’s system and is also about helping people, you may be able to train them to become one of your best assets.


Blues are the mothers of the world. They are committed to relationships and family and they put others first, consequently they are always worrying about others and can get depressed easily and be insecure.

Blues have great intuition and can become excellent members of your team and even leaders, because they care so much about others. They will stick to a system that they are told works and will be loyal and hardworking. Don’t do anything that will upset them though, they take a long time to forgive and forget.


Whites are the most unassuming people in the world. They crave peace and comfort and once outside their comfort zone they often cease to function well. They are plodders rather than runners. Show them what to do and they’ll do it. Ask them to do something they’re not comfortable doing and they will listen, churn it over in their heads and fail miserably, believing sincerely they are not capable of doing it.


These are the social butterflies, the ones that run after the next big thing and then on to something else. They are fun to be around and can claim to know lots of people, except they never develop true, lasting relationships with these friends – they like quantity rather than quality at a personal level and being the center of attention. They will run into a network marketing opportunity firmly believing that it is the best thing ever, and then be off in a week to do something else. They are self-centered, delusional, shallow and consequently unreliable.

There is one major difficulty in marketing, even after you have sorted through the demographics and recognize your potential markets. Break down those demographics and you will have to deal with all these diverse personality types. The solution may be to market differently to all of them.

With reds, once they are certain your product is right for them, they’ll buy without question. Blues will also look for benefits, especially if it will help their family or others. Whites are going to be hard to convince, they don’t really want anything for themselves. Yellows will buy on a whim, throw it in a corner and look for the next bright shiny object – perfect customers but not very good as a team member!

Do you agree with these personality types as set out in the Hartman Personality Profile? Do you believe that you should tailor your marketing strategies to appeal to all types, or have multiple strategies? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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