Ten Ways to Better Article Writing

Article writing will not only help your website or blog get traffic, it also provides a way of getting backlinks which are very important in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Since the Google algorithm change at the end of February 2011, it is even more important that your quality articles are submitted to only the best article directories.

EzineArticles has always had strict submission guidelines and still were penalized by Google for ‘poor’ quality articles that are years old. EzineArticles has now tightened to an even stricter submission guidelines, removing old articles that are of low quality and do not add up to today’s (Google’s) standard and seem to be recovering just fine.

As EzineArticles.com is the most popular site for article marketing, then they are probably the best place for you to submit articles if you have never done so before.

1. You must make sure that your articles are high quality and well-written. Many article submission sites that were recently “slapped” by Google were accepting spun, incomprehensible garbage that were of no use to human eyes, they were simply submitted to get backlinks.

2. Always read a site’s guidelines when submitting your articles. Some article directories will allow you to have one link for an article of a set length, two if your article is longer.

3. EzineArticles does reject articles that go on about one particular product and the name is repeated excessively, remember these should be articles written to interest people in your product, not trying to sell them right off the bat.

4. Your bio box at the bottom is very important and should be thoughtfully written, to entice a reader to click through to your website.

5. The optimum length of an article should be around 500 words; readers have short attention spans and may click away if your article is too long or complicated.

6. Articles submitted should never be copied and pasted from someone else’s site that is known as plagiarism. If you use another person’s article as an example to help write your own, invest in Copyscape Premium, it is a program that checks the authenticity of your work. If you do submit work that is too similar to someone else’s, it will be rejected, and you’ll have to start over with your article.

7. All word processing programs will point out major spelling mistakes, but often miss a lot of grammatical errors. Always proofread your work before you submit it. EzineArticles can sometimes take up to five days to approve articles, so check it over thoroughly before you send it, or risk losing a number of days because you didn’t.

8. Don’t overuse keywords; keyword density should be around 2% optimally. If your keyword is just one word, use it once per paragraph.

9. Have lots of white space in your articles, use headers and bullets. This makes an article more visually appealing, and also easier to read. You are not writing a thesis, this is meant to be a gentle warming up of an interested reader, don’t bore her to death.

10. The Article Summary allows you to write a short précis of your article, it often appears on a page summarizing the latest articles and should be written to entice readers. If you don’t write a summary, the directory will often use your first few sentences, which is okay if you have written them well.

Do you have any comments about article writing? Have you noticed any effects from the late February 2011 Google algorithm changes? We would love to hear from you.

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6 Responses to Ten Ways to Better Article Writing

  1. Article marketing can also help you develop not only your website but also your business, you should also use some software and tools to have successful article writing works. And most of all pick good title and content for your articles.

  2. Ruth says:

    Thanks for this post Gabriele. These article tips are spot on. Thanks for sharing.
    Ruth recently posted…Copy The Right Cat – The Ultimate MLM Success FormulaMy Profile

  3. Kevin Lindgren says:

    Absolutely wonderful article. Very good points and information. This will help many people new to article marketing.
    Kevin Lindgren recently posted…Happy Easter To AllMy Profile

  4. David Dettmann says:

    Great post this will help many people cheers Dave

  5. Jan Hickling says:

    good info – I am curious why to limit the key word? I know Ezine throws the articles back for over-use but is there any other reason I am missing?
    Jan Hickling
    Jan Hickling recently posted…How to Protect Yourself from the Japanese Nuclear Disaster with Seaweed SuperfoodMy Profile

    • Jan,

      if you use for instance ‘slimming down’ as a keyword then Google search engine will punish you if it is used in every sentence or every other sentence. This is what Google bot considers ‘keyword stuffing’. When the bots come crawling through your blogs and you did stuffing you will get red-flagged and penalized by moving you down in the search results. If you are careful with your keyword and use it once in every paragraph you should be save.

      Keyword density ranges are controversial and to make matters worse, different search engines have different algorithms. One of them might think an SEO keyword density of 10% is fine, another may not.

      At least with EzineArticles you will know if you over-stuff keywords, they will refuse your article. But you also need to keep in mind that search engines crawl you website or your blog, which for whatever reason, you do not publish in article directories. You do not want to be red-flagged for those.

      I hope this answers your question.

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