Ten Points of Interest on Your Marketing Road Trip

If you have just started out network marketing you are no doubt very excited right now.  Perhaps you have already registered your domain name and you are building a website.  You have a million things running through your mind, and you lie awake at night dreaming about what you are going to do with all the money you will be making, and imagining a fabulous lifestyle for yourself and your family.

It is easy to go rushing ahead and there’s nothing wrong with your enthusiasm and dedication at all. It’s just you may be wasting your efforts doing the wrong things at the wrong times and your enthusiasm is right now like a caffeine high, because later on you will crash and burn. Take a few minutes to look at the list of 10 points of interest below and save yourself a lot of time and eventual disappointment on your marketing trip.

1. Plan your Trip

When you go on a cross country road trip to somewhere you have never been before, what do you do? You decide on the destination and check it out to see if it’s somewhere you really want to go. You look at the hotels and book in advance, so you can save some money and feel secure knowing you will have somewhere to stay when you get there.

You get online and print out an itinerary, or you take a road map along with you, perhaps you program your GPS system and find out how many miles it is. You calculate how much the gas is going to cost, and budget for the rest of the trip. You plan, even down to knowing what the weather will be like so you can take the right clothing.

An online business should be planned exactly the same way so you know where you are going and how much it’s going to cost.

2. We’re going to Boringtown

You didn’t choose the destination for your trip by saying “we’ll go here because it has a nice name.” And nobody is going to stay on your website for long, even if it has a great domain name! There has to be plenty of things to captivate visitors’ attention. You’re not going to stay long in a place that’s boring and there’s nothing to do. The design of your website is as crucial as your destination. People want to go to Vegas or Disney World, not spend time in Boringtown!

It’s just like that with a website. Add videos and pictures; keep constantly updating your content so people will keep coming back, just like the destinations above.

3. Make Your Venue Unique

People go to Vegas and Disney because they are unique. Neither destination would be as popular if there were dozens of other places exactly like them, and you should bear that in mind with your website. You have to give people exactly what they are looking for, and if they are not sure, you must take the time to explain why your product is superior to anything else on the market.

Be unique, and put the time and planning into what you offer and people will buy.

4. Where Did I Go?

You have to start branding yourself from day one and everything you do should bear that brand – even if it’s just a photograph of yourself. People will start to recognize and trust you. You need to start out with your own property – a website, not a rented lens or some backwater venue where nobody will ever find you.

domain name will cost you less than $12 a year and hosting just a few dollars a month.  Why start out your business on a site that you don’t own? One day all your efforts could disappear, and your income, because your site has been taken down, and it happens.

You wouldn’t rent a hotel room with a wrecking ball hanging outside the window now would you?

5. Stay on the Right Road!

It’s very easy for beginners to get off-track when they start out; it’s basically lack of focus.  If you start a niche website, don’t suddenly change your mind mid-stream. If you sell widgets, don’t suddenly change because there’s more profit in boots.

If you booked a hotel in Vegas you wouldn’t take the road to Seattle!

6. We’re going back Next Year

Have you every taken a cruise with a good cruise line? Every member on that ship is trained to make your trip the best possible experience and when you get home you will get regular emails from the cruise line telling you about special offers and discounts – they are confident you would like to do it again.

Customers should always be treated so well, that they’ll want to return. Perhaps their original cruise was to Grand Cayman, now you can offer them a discount on a different cruise, perhaps to the Mediterranean.

Simply by capturing their email address and spending some time helping them decide and offering suggestions, you could have a customer for life.

7. Will it be the Same Next Time?

Keep people up to date! Tell them about your new line of whatever it is and why they should buy it. Many cruise lines are opting to take passengers from the new port in Tampa and they are not keeping it a secret!

8. Why am I getting this?

Choosing the right promotions and advertising can be a nightmare. If you are up against the big boys, you will have to plan your advertising very carefully, their budgets are infinite, and yours is limited if you are just starting out.

You won’t see an ad for Vegas in Christian Science Monitor, so make sure you place your ads in the right places!

9. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Ever gone to a site that says This Site is Not Available? You move on. If this is your website, then it’s a disaster. When you choose a web hosting company you should select one that claims to have 99.9% uptime, go with someone you can trust. It would be like staying in a hotel that’s only open three days a week!

10. Shoot Yourself Why Don’t You?

Spam kills, plain and simple. Don’t ever be tempted to purchase 10,000 email addresses from a shady company online and then bomb those email addresses with your ads. You will probably not get one sale, and more than likely you will be banned by Google. Make sure when people sign up on your site you have chosen a reputable email company to handle double opt-ins and autoresponders, and that you use your company website’s address as the tail end of your email.  It’s all part of branding.

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Network Marketing Made E-Z!

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2 Responses to Ten Points of Interest on Your Marketing Road Trip

  1. Mike Hobbs says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I really like how you related it to our businesses.

    Keep it up.


  2. Kathleen Cooley says:

    Great Post Gabrielle
    I wish I had known the branding thing when I first started and your point on spamming is truly a gem to listen too.

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