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Sell Yourself Not Your Business

Tweet Many people enter the network marketing business with a strange idea that all they have to do is sell a few things and they’ll make a decent living. That’s fine if you’re selling to people who you already know … Continue reading

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No Technical Skills? They’re really not Necessary

Tweet A lot of network marketing companies recommend that you start a website or blog of your own. If they offer you a cookie-cutter site, it’s best to decline if you can because you will be able to do a … Continue reading

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How NOT to Answer the Question “What do you do?”

Tweet If you are an experienced network marketer and somebody asked the question “what do you do?” you regard this as an opportunity to possibly get a new prospect. Say the same words to an inexperienced network marketer and the … Continue reading

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How to Build a Subscriber List

Tweet If you’re new to the world of internet or network marketing you may not fully understand the importance of building an email list. Or the thought of trying to start an email marketing campaign fills you with trepidation! Yes, … Continue reading

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The ABC of Prospecting

Tweet A prospect is “somebody or something with potential” and finding those somebodies with potential is probably one of the most important parts of building a successful network marketing business. Being able to prospect on the fly as in situational … Continue reading

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What is This Thing Called Prospecting?

Tweet The Encarta dictionary has a number of definitions for the word prospecting. I think this one is the most relevant to network marketing: a chance or the likelihood that something will happen in the near future, especially something desirable … Continue reading

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