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Tips for Positive Prospecting

Tweet Effective MLM prospecting is an art that you’ll have to work on if you’re going to be able to generate the leads you’ll need to maintain a successful business. There are a number of things you should remember. Adapt … Continue reading

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Steal the Spotlight and Win More Leads

Tweet I recently invited a friend to a Business Network International (BNI) breakfast get together. This gal is a recluse but she has a great personality, once you get her out of her shell. She has a one-woman home-based business, … Continue reading

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Improving Conversions & Dealing with Rejection

Tweet In this article we’re going to address the problem of rejection and improving conversions. They may look like two separate subjects but in fact they are very closely related. One thing that many new network marketers are not prepared … Continue reading

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MLM Home Parties – Selling with Sociability

Tweet Humans are generally sociable creatures but unfortunately despite all the excellent aspects of the internet and even with Skype and social media many people crave the old-fashioned experience of being surrounded by real people in an upbeat and positive … Continue reading

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How TV Reduced People’s Attention Span and How that Can Benefit You

Tweet The 30-second elevator pitch may seem terrifying to new network marketers, but why should that be? There are very few people who don’t own a television, a medium that can provide us with hundreds of different channels with everything … Continue reading

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Why you May not be Recruiting Effectively

Tweet Successful salespeople including top network marketers all have one thing in common and that’s self-confidence. Doing something that you love doing always brings a certain amount of self-confidence and more so if you know exactly what you’re talking about … Continue reading

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