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How to Turn Prospects into Partners

Tweet You may have contemplated becoming a network marketer for quite some time. You’ve done your homework and you’ve chosen a product and company that you like and trust. Congratulations. But now what? It’s very likely that you’re full of … Continue reading

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What is This Thing Called Prospecting?

Tweet The Encarta dictionary has a number of definitions for the word prospecting. I think this one is the most relevant to network marketing: a chance or the likelihood that something will happen in the near future, especially something desirable … Continue reading

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What Are Your Plans For 2012?

Tweet It’s hard making personal resolutions and even harder keeping them, and in a way writing down plans and goals for a business can sometimes be a lot easier. If you entered the network marketing business with realistic goals, did … Continue reading

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The 5 Keys to Online Business Success

Tweet The one word common to both internet marketing and network marketing is, of course, marketing. It’s the way that prospects and potential customers will eventually find out about you and your product or service. Even if you have some … Continue reading

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Are you Screwing up your Network Marketing Business?

Tweet I know I keep saying this but the key to success in network marketing is recruitment. It would be hard to find an MLM company with a compensation plan that does not reward its distributors for recruiting a team. … Continue reading

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The One Tool Every Network Marketer Must Have

Tweet People get into network and internet marketing and the majority is always searching for a “Magic Bullet”. It may be the perfect way to automate lead generation, a “secret” system that will generate high conversion leads, or software that … Continue reading

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