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Network Marketing – Half of the First Word is Work!

Tweet Just because you paid your money and got a big box of goodies you can’t just sit back and imagine you have a business. The word business means busy-ness, so now you have to get busy and get on … Continue reading

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The Art of Email Marketing

Tweet It’s time to look at some effective strategies that will get your emails opened and even looked forward to. Firstly you must ensure that you have peoples’ permission to send them emails. This is easily done by using an … Continue reading

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How To Compare MLM Companies

Tweet The Balancing Act To evaluate a network marketing company there are five things to take into consideration, and note that I have not numbered them – there is no number one – they are all of equal importance. The … Continue reading

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Attraction Marketing Is Not Collecting a List of Friends

Tweet Do you remember when you first started Network Marketing? Your company pitched itself to you, and you swallowed everything they said, hook line and sinker. “We’re the greatest!” they said, and you went running around to everyone you knew, … Continue reading

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I’m Confused, What Company is This From?

Tweet In the good old days, before the internet came along, people started businesses. (Really!)  Once they had decided what they were going to sell, they sat down and puzzled about brand names and company logos. Then they would go … Continue reading

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Do You Know the Reasons you Fail? — Part I

Tweet Some Facts about Network Marketing: Over 97% of people who join a network marketing company will fail. The reasons for failing in network marketing are many. Here are just some of the reasons why you may fail over and … Continue reading

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