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Developing the “You” Brand in Your Network Marketing Business

Tweet There will be hundreds, possibly thousands of people online in the network marketing business trying to promote the same product and opportunity that you are. So how can you develop a system of marketing that will make you stand … Continue reading

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What Are Your Plans For 2012?

Tweet It’s hard making personal resolutions and even harder keeping them, and in a way writing down plans and goals for a business can sometimes be a lot easier. If you entered the network marketing business with realistic goals, did … Continue reading

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An About Me Page is Part of Self-Branding

Tweet While Google bots look for a Privacy Policy on your website, you may be surprised at how many humans will read your About Me page. Whenever I check my stats I am surprised by this, although I really shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Personal Branding… I Remember You!

Tweet One of the first things that newborn babies recognize is faces, and it is the same as we get older – names are secondary. By self-branding in the online marketing arena, you can get your face out there and … Continue reading

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How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name

Tweet Choosing a domain name can be simple or extremely difficult, it all depends what you are looking for. Remember, your domain name is a very important part of your branding and should be chosen with that in mind. It … Continue reading

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