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Blog or Website – Why a Website is Better

Tweet You can build a blog with WordPress in under an hour, include articles you’ve written, get your blog indexed and crawled within minutes sometimes, and be off and running. “What’s up with that?” you might say. Nothing, except there … Continue reading

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Tips for Building Your Customer List

Tweet   You may have heard people saying “the money’s in the list” and an up-to-date list full of qualified potential customers and/or prospects is an absolute must for any network marketer. The process of compiling such a list can … Continue reading

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Remember Those Leads in Your Auto Responder Account?

Tweet   It’s very easy to forget about an autoresponder list, useful as it is. Autoresponders are marvelous programs that can relieve your business of hours of work. The bigger your lists are, assuming that you split up different campaigns, then the … Continue reading

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Network Marketing – Tips to Generate More Leads

Tweet One of the first things that newcomers to network marketing are told is to promote their products to their family and friends. I’ve read articles from experienced network marketers who say this is a bad idea, and yet other … Continue reading

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Autoresponders – Handle With Care

Tweet When you start making some income and getting large amounts of email from your site, you will need to set up an autoresponder service – especially if you are going to use email as a marketing technique by building … Continue reading

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What If You Ask “What If?”

Tweet “What if we matched our competitor’s price, would you purchase it today?” What if I told you this kind of question should be avoided? My personal response to the above question would be something like “I’ll think about it.” … Continue reading

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