Strong Calls to Action = Increased Sales

Just why is an effective call to action so important in marketing?

First of all you have to understand a little bit about human nature. Many people have jobs because they cannot take the initiative to build their own businesses. I know this sounds a little harsh but some people need a structured environment to function properly. They know they must be at work at a certain time and they are secure in knowing that their lunch break is at 1 PM. That’s the majority of people. They may whine and complain about the job they have but if they change jobs they still move into another structured environment.

You’re not like that – you have your own network marketing business but you still understand that by structuring your day things are a lot easier to keep under control. Most people need some kind of persuasion to do anything. Working is really only a form of bribery – do this and I’ll pay you this much. Most people only go to work to make money if truth be told unless they’re part of the lucky few who have jobs that they love and would do for free if necessary.

Calls to action are a vital part of marketing. If you remember the old television ads they used to end with something like “so buy one today”, and there are still ads that entice you with the idea of scarcity, and this is another kind of call to action, “this offer is only available until…” There are many internet marketing products that are sold like this: the first 10 are $27, the second 10 are $37 etc., this is a call to action – if you don’t hurry up the item may end up costing you way more than the original price. It also appeals to the impulse buyer and gives him justification for purchasing that particular product. They would never admit that he fell for an extremely effective marketing gimmick!
Look at supermarket offers such as buy one get one free. Yet another call to action, you know you will have to pay the same price for only one of those items next week.

But wait there’s more!

Everything you write can finish with some form of a call to action even if it’s just “subscribe to my e-mail list”. You don’t want to send out e-mails that have blatant calls to action in every one, people know when they’re being sold to and they don’t like it. They like to think they’re still in control of their actions.

Offering freebies is always a good way of generating leads either through e-mail marketing, a blog or a website. When they fill in their name and e-mail address they may get a free e-book for example, that was the carrot that got you their e-mail address. That e-book will also contain more calls to action, “you can read more about XXXX here.” – subtle, but still a call to action.

Network marketing is all about generating leads and if you don’t tell people to fill in their e-mail address and name and give them a good reason to, then they simply will not do it. Again, don’t make everything a blatant pitch for your primary business, entice people by offering something of value and telling them how they can get it or where they can find it.

Do you agree that most people need to be told what to do? Why do you think this is?

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