Staying Positive when you own a Home Business

One thing that many people don’t understand about owning a home business is that you will never have somebody pat you on the back and say you’re doing a great job. Your achievements are something that only you can gauge. Only you know that you spent the day goofing off. Only you know that you did nothing valuable to add to your business today, and that you simply felt down and fed up. You need encouragement.

My husband works a normal job; he leaves the house early and comes home tired. He has absolutely no clue what I do all day, so there’s little chance he’s going to ask me how my day went! In childhood we thrive on encouragement. We run races and we win, we take exams and we pass – these are all tangible achievements that get positive responses from others and we have a ribbon or certificate we can show off. When we work a “normal” job, we are encouraged by a slap on the back, a pay raise or a promotion. None of this happens when you work for yourself at home.

In a home business it can be a constant struggle trying to stay positive. Self-doubt is a terrible thing and can spiral out of control, to the point where you feel like giving up. In network marketing it’s always a good idea to have a mentor, somebody you can call and tell your problems to. This mentor should be somebody who is a successful network marketer and will have the answers for you immediately. More than likely your problem is not getting enough leads, and even though there are a number of effective ways to get leads we all hit those depressing dry periods when nothing seems to be working.

Very often all we do is eat and sleep, we do little else. The solution to my own personal self-doubt problem came down to the old saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This is absolutely true, and here’s another cliché that now makes sense to me – “less is more”. In my case I was working too hard, not taking any time off and I had become completely dulled by my everyday routine.

This scenario is definitely what most people did NOT want by starting their own business; the business should not own you! I found that by taking one day off a week I was actually starting to think straight again, spending a day with my husband was a small part of my plan – by having my own business my intention was to spend every day with my husband and not doing much work at all! Problem is with the economy the way it is, trying to make a living at network marketing has become even more difficult and to maintain a certain level of income has involved working even harder.

Once you start becoming dull-witted everything becomes fuzzy and the lazy part of you just tells you “don’t bother” even when you know you should be doing something towards bettering your business. Some people get lazy while others get totally stressed out – either way it is neither good for your body, your mind or your business.

Planning helps. Give yourself a realistic schedule to work to and stick to it. Once your mind becomes stimulated by the idea that when you’ve done one thing you have to do something else then you may soon find your energy levels going back up and your attitude becoming a lot more positive.

Reward yourself when you achieve something you’ve been working towards. It doesn’t matter what it is – taking a friend out to lunch or buying a new dress, it’s a form of encouragement that nearly everybody needs – otherwise why are we doing what we’re doing?

Do you have days when you just can’t seem to achieve anything? What’s your trick for getting out of this negative mindset?

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6 Responses to Staying Positive when you own a Home Business

  1. Otoabasi Umonting

    Hi Gabriele,

    good information here; it’s often hard to stay positive in Network marketing, especially when one’s not really making head way. I’ve often had times when I felt like pulling the plug, and going back to my day job. Like you’ve said, no one’s going to pat us on the back, and when we are not doing anything that’s productive, we shouldn’t expect great results. I believe that as long as we carry on doing what’s necessary, we will overcome negativity and succeed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kelly S Elliott says:

    Great post so true you need to have balance with your business so it does not consume all of your time. Make time for those that are important to you.

  3. Kathleen Cooley

    Once again Gabriele you have posted an awesome article and its a topic that I really needed to read more on at this time.
    Thanks for the tips

    • Kathleen,
      It is easy to get involved in our home business and forget to take time for other things. I have to remember myself often to take the time and smell the roses because I get so involved and forget everything around me.

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