Starting Your Own Business – Why MLM Makes Sense


If you’re a sociable person and already involved in network marketing you probably make a point of talking to many people. I know that my life is very different to people who work regular jobs. Although I stick to a daily schedule, mine is definitely not a 9 to 5 job.

I run into people at the supermarket, the produce market, at my kid’s school and often at different times of the day. I’ve been asked if I’ve taken early retirement, if I was looking for a job and I guess some people assume that I don’t work at all – maybe I have a rich husband to support me!

Of course none of these could be further from the truth. I’m a network marketer – I have my own business and I run my business – it doesn’t run me.

When people do ask what I do, I’m happy to tell them. I’ve slowly built relationships with some of them, who’ve become excellent members of my team.

When the subject of having a business is broached, often the people I meet will get glassy-eyed. You can see their mind wandering off, imagining driving an expensive car and calling the shots. They think about what they would really like to do, but then shrug it off.

I always make a point of asking what prevents them from starting their own business. It’s surprising that the same answers are returned just about every time.

I Don’t Have the Time or Capital (Baloney)

With women they’ll say something about the kids, or not having any money or not having enough time. A perfect segue into a short introduction to network marketing!

Wouldn’t you like to spend more time with your children? Be there when they’re on vacation from school, or they’re sick? Having your own network marketing business means you can always be there for them.

Not having enough money? When I tell people they can start a network marketing business with very little startup capital, they usually look surprised.

The time involved? That’s a little more difficult to get around, especially if she is already working full-time and has a family to care for. I explain that although obviously she would have to work at building her business, she would be in a position to help many of the people she runs into everyday, at work, at her kids’ activities and just like our encounter, in a long supermarket checkout line. 10 hours a week equals one hour a day and three hours at the weekend – most people waste that much time watching television!

I’m Too Old! (You Know More People than Most)

The other excuse I get is “but I’m too old”. That one always makes me laugh. How long have you lived in this community? How many people do you know at church, at your golf club, in your writing group etc. etc. You’re never too old! I know people who have retired, gotten bored and gone on to build very successful network marketing businesses. A blessing because many do not have the retirement savings they expected to have.

I Wouldn’t Know How to Start a Business (You’re never too old to learn)

Another objection? “I wouldn’t know what to do”. Then network marketing is perfect for you. My company offers extensive training and you’ll get to meet lots of other friendly people who are very willing to share their knowledge and expertise with you. We’re having a nice conversation and I’m helping you understand the advantages of network marketing. Basically that’s all you’ll be doing as well.

But how much does it cost? If I told you that if you could dedicate 15 to 20 hours a week and you’re start-up costs would be less than $500, would you be interested? Many people start part-time until they reach a certain income level. Then they take the plunge, shoot the bird at the boss and start their own business helping others and doing it exactly when they want to!

No Risk? Where do I Sign?

Here’s the kicker… Oh and by the way there’s absolutely no risk involved. If for any reason things don’t work out, the company will buy any excess inventory back from you. How many other businesses can you start with so little capital and with absolutely no risk?

Sow those seeds in a few well-prepared minds, pass them a business card and watch them rush back to the job they hate.

It’s surprising how many will call you within a couple of days!

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