Sponsoring in Network Marketing

If you found a product that you love and you’re working for a company that gives you everything to help you increase your business, such as great training, you’re probably not having a problem with sponsoring other people to join your team.

Sponsoring for others may be a challenge, but it should be approached just like all your other network marketing efforts and that’s with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. If you have not chosen a company that is helping you along with your business, or you have made the mistake of choosing a product that has turned out to be not so good, it’s going to be very difficult to market that product and even more difficult to sponsor a downline team. You really do need an enthusiastic downline, because they’re going to make the majority of your income for you.

If you don’t like dealing with people, and add that to a product you feel lukewarm about, you probably don’t have much of a business at all, and it will never be a success. Network marketing, using the attraction marketing method is all about helping people solve their problems and if you don’t like being around other people then you may as well give up now. If you do enjoy being around the public but you don’t like the product you’re promoting, it’s time to change products.

Selling to people is not like sitting at the checkout counter of a supermarket. It’s interactive and whether you’re selling your product, or recruiting a downline you have to be interactive too. You have to show them that you’re a helpful and knowledgeable person, and gain their trust. This applies to off-line and online selling. If you’ve been in sales before, you were no doubt very happy that repeat customers always asked for you, so you are already aware that off-line sales is about showing people that you care, helping them solve a problem and providing them with what they need.

It’s the same with sponsoring. You can’t recruit a good downline by lying to them and saying that they’re going to make thousands of dollars in a few months, and your product is the best thing on the planet. Your demeanor will eventually show that you’re not successful, and your downline will rapidly leave you. The best way to recruit a downline is to be honest, and that honesty should come from promoting a great product and by showing others you really are successful doing just that. People always want to emulate others who are successful, if they see you’re doing well then they’ll know they can also do well, especially if you teach them how to do it. As a people person you will be very happy to do that, you will then become a good leader and a mentor.

Successful network marketers spend the majority of their time recruiting others into their downlines. They know that’s the way to make money in network marketing. Success breeds success as they say, so if you do love people and the only thing that’s stopping you from being successful is a lousy product, go find a company that has an excellent product.

Online recruiting is just the same, you can show how successful you are on your website – but don’t just brag about how much money you make, you should help people to understand how you have become successful. If you’ve used a system such as a funded proposal system, then you should explain how that works and you can also make yourself some commissions by being an affiliate of the system you used so successfully. If the system also offers some free DVDs or an e-book that explains the system, that’s even better. Don’t just advertise it on your site and hope that you’ll get a few sales – you’ll get far more sales and commissions by explaining it thoroughly. If any system you’ve used has brought you success or helped you, let other people know about it.

It’s not a good idea to just post ads for a number of different courses and systems if you’ve never tried them. You are in a sales situation, so use the rules of attraction marketing. Be helpful and honest in everything you do, and you will be rewarded with a dedicated team and some extra affiliate commissions from your site.

Do you have any tips you can offer on effective sponsoring? What was the best way you found for sponsoring and happy downline team?

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