Remember Those Leads in Your Auto Responder Account?

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It’s very easy to forget about an autoresponder list, useful as it is. Autoresponders are marvelous programs that can relieve your business of hours of work. The bigger your lists are, assuming that you split up different campaigns, then the more time you’ll save.

If you printed out all the subscribers on your list right now, how would you feel about it? Would you see those e-mail addresses as people, or just dollar signs?

“MLM is just a numbers game!”

I have to disagree with that. MLM and network marketing is about people, not numbers or e-mail addresses. Once you’ve captured someone’s name and e-mail address it’s very easy to just hope and pray that they eventually will do what you want them to do, either buy a product or sign up for your business opportunity. With that attitude it will be more of a numbers game for you I must say, because that number will be zero – zero conversions and zero sales.

The way to get ahead of the competition in network marketing is to treat every name on that list as an individual. Okay, every lead you have has potential value for you in the form of commission but never forget those people have quite possibly opted into other MLM opportunities and not just yours! Now that got you thinking…

Hello! Ever heard of competition? If you’ve been as unhelpful as this so far in your recruiting efforts you’re very lucky to have anybody’s name on that list at all! Yes there are THOUSANDS of other business opportunities those PEOPLE could have already signed up for, and it wasn’t yours.

If you use an autoresponder use it to your advantage. People are different. The work at home mother in Michigan looking to start a home business is probably not going to respond as well to an e-mail that’s targeted at seasoned network marketers. With a good autoresponder you can split your list up and write your e-mails in ways that appeal to different groups of people. Change your opt-in box to gather more information that will help you, age group, income group, male or female, already a network marketer? By doing this you can start building a relationship with those groups. Although the end result will be the same for everyone, how you approach people is very important.

Back to competition. If you’re just starting out then you know your competition has far more experience than you. That doesn’t mean you haven’t a chance of becoming successful. Keeping up with all the latest trends in network marketing is very easy, all you have to do is find some of your favorite successful network marketers online, follow their blogs and see how they run their businesses. Some of them are 60 years old while others are in their 20s and they all approach network marketing slightly differently. The older people may know a lot about off-line marketing while the younger people are working to bring their opportunities in front of other younger people via mobile device applications.

The one thing in common is that they understand the value of building personal relationships with their customers, recruits and prospects.

Where’s your sponsor? Is he successful? If he is then you’re missing a valuable resource for help. Successful network marketers know about helping people – that’s the core of this business and that doesn’t just mean helping potential recruits, it should also mean helping existing recruits to become successful. He makes a commission from your sales, so the more sales you make and the more people you sign up the better off he’ll be.

AWeber is the autoresponder system used by most successful online business people and for good reason. AWeber’s site is incredibly helpful and if you can’t get your head around how to deal with your list you can call them, their customer service is second to none. Sign up for their helpful newsletters.

How do you personalize your approach to prospects? Are you successful just keeping one list that encompasses everyone or do you break your prospects down into individual lists and how did you do that?

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