Recruiting Your Team

Making the right decision about who to recruit can be tough. With the high unemployment rate many people are turning to employment they would never have considered before.  You must remember that network marketing is a job only suited to certain people. You have to learn to say no. Better to have one excellent performer than half a dozen time-wasters!


Why do you want to join my team? When interviewing a potential team member, you must find out what is motivating them to join. If the potential recruit is new to network marketing tell him everything that is involved with the business. Does this person have a negative or positive reaction to certain questions? Is this person starting to complain and make excuses already? If he is under the illusion that he can get rich quick without doing any work, then simply show him the door.

If the word “money” comes up too often in his responses, you have probably found someone that is desperate. You will have to explain that network marketing is about cultivating long term relationships and is not a quick-fix for current financial problems. It will take time for him to build up a team of his own, so just be honest. Never hire someone because you feel sorry for them.


A highly motivated potential recruit has already done his homework. He understands that network marketing and MLM require an investment of time and money and he will come to the table knowing that. Ask him how much he is willing to invest in HIS business.  Explain about advertising costs, the costs involved with starting a website, and other potential costs. If he doesn’t have any money to put on the table but may fit into your team, suggest he raises the capital required, and contact you later.


People who have never had their own businesses before or worked from home simply do not appreciate the amount of time and discipline involved. This investment of time can decrease once they start becoming successful, but it is something you must ask.

Interviewing people is an art, and you can get more answers to questions by drawing your potential team member into a friendly conversation. “How long have you been unemployed and how do you spend your day?” Only when you have heard his answer do you ask “How much time are you willing to put in every week to make YOUR business a success?” If he’s already told you he spends every afternoon on the golf course, it gives a good indication of his intention if he says “forty hours a week, when I stop playing golf during the week.” In any case, people nearly always exaggerate. A mom with two small children can’t possibly have 10 hours a day to devote, it’s just not feasible.

Saying no the first few times is hard, but you have to remember these people not only need to make money for themselves, they will be making money for you. Learn to make the right choice of personnel, it will save you a lot of time and a good team is a valuable asset.

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Network Marketing Made E-Z!

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