How to Ramp up Your Online Sales

Tips for Increasing Traffic & Profits

figure_graph_top_earnings_150_clr_10579In Network Marketing, as with any other kind of business, building a website is just a beginning. It’s a bit like opening a bricks and mortar business on a busy High Street, if you don’t give people a good reason to come in, they simply won’t bother. You have to offer potential customers more than the shop next door and strive to attract as many new customers in through the front door as you can.

By using the following tips and techniques you will be able to increase your online presence, attract more visitors and cultivate a loyal following.

FREE is the Magic Word

People will always spend a little extra money if they feel they are going to get a good deal. Offer free shipping if customers spend over a certain amount, or a free gift. Even offering a free information package in the form of an eBook can get people onto your mailing list, build brand awareness and loyalty, and as you probably know an email list is very valuable for future promotions.

Be Different by Learning from Others

Even though you’re probably offering the same opportunity and the same products as hundreds of other network marketers, it pays to be different. Visit other people’s sites and see what they’re doing to attract traffic. Which social media sites are they using to promote their business? What are they offering that makes them stand out? What are they obviously doing wrong?

Go above and beyond and give your visitors added value and good reason to buy from you and join your mailing list instead of your competitors’.

Know Your Market

If you wanted to buy the things you’re selling what would make you want to buy from you?  Like we said above, you are selling a product that many others are promoting too, so you have to make your site stand out.

Concentrate on appealing to a small market segment and promoting to them. Find out what their needs and desires are, and give them what they want.

Brand Yourself

icon_flow_smart_phone_loop_150_clr_9550Successful network marketers go out of their way to stand out. They don’t hide in the shadows.

It doesn’t matter if you use your name as your brand – promote yourself by writing Guest Articles for websites that are in a similar business to yours. Be active in social media and prove to people that you know what you’re talking about. You’re an expert. You’re trustworthy and that’s why people should buy from you.

Does your Content Pop?

A 1,000-word article about your product will only prove to you that you know what you’re talking about. For a visitor to your site it’s a wall of words and BORING. Concentrate your efforts on more visual promotion. A 2-minute video showing you using your product will be far more effective. You can always write a summary of the video underneath using keywords, which will be good for SEO purposes.

Include lots of pictures, plenty of white space on your pages and proof that your product does what it says it will do – and how much you love it – in the form of video.

Know Your Stats

Monitoring what you do on your website is vital for future marketing efforts. You can’t just do something and hope for the best. Find out which pages are attracting more visitors than others and ask yourself why. Was it the keywords you used? Was it the great video you posted? Was it a special offer, or did you experiment with a different page layout? As soon as the light bulb goes on, keep repeating it but always keep monitoring.

Build Your List

The only sure way you will get repeat visitors is by building a list. The more you encourage people to keep coming back to your site, the more likely you are to get sales. In order to get someone’s email address – which to them is something of value – you must offer something valuable in return. This could be a special offer, coupons or a free eBook. Don’t just build a list and forget about those hot prospects, they are the line at the front door willing to buy.

Use Tools to Save Time

If you use WordPress there are dozens of extremely useful plugins you can use to save time and many of them are free. You can also use automated programs to submit written articles to dozens of different directories.

If you can never think of what to write about on your blog every day, sit down and plan a series of posts that relate to each other. You can then schedule them to post at the same time every day and by doing that your posts will flow on from each other and it’s easier to insert links back to previous posts that way. Set aside a morning to write as many of those blog posts as you can, that way it’s done with for a week or two and you can get on with other things instead of worrying!

Goal Setting

By knowing how many visitors you’re getting to your site each week or month you should set goals for improving those numbers.

Follow the tips above and keep setting higher goals. Strive each month to meet a sales target and aim to attract a set number of new signups. But be realistic, and do everything you can to reach your goals.

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