People to Avoid and the Reason Why

When you enter the world of network marketing you must be prepared to spend time with people who eat, sleep and breathe selling. As a newbie you will be fresh bait so you must have the right mindset when dealing with them. They don’t care if you are new, all they can see are the words “potential sucker” tattooed across your forehead.

There are also a number of other kinds of people you will always run across, recognize them and avoid them, they will become a headache.

The Pressurizer

The first thing you may be pressurized into is buying more inventory then you could possibly need, you may be tempted by the fabulous savings but until you know your product and you start doing well, don’t do it immediately unless the company states that it will buy back your unused inventory after a certain length of time. As you build your business as a distributor you will soon learn how well you are doing and how much inventory you’ll need. If after a couple of months you find yourself reordering, then great, go for the bulk buy, the extra profit will be in your pocket and not theirs.

The Butterfly

Many sponsors are like butterflies, they will have you convinced the company and product is the best thing ever, but when you try to contact them again, they have moved on to something else. That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with a core of knowledgeable people who genuinely do believe in the product, and the company that supplies it. Some folks are heavily affected by the initial hype at sales rallies and opportunity meetings – avoid these people at all costs, they will soon run out of enthusiasm and leave. Your enthusiasm should be for the product, not some lunatic who couldn’t stick to or run a successful business if his life depended on it.

Mr. Negativity

Recruiting a down line is difficult, you are now the one being looked up to, and one thing you will have to learn quickly is how to handle people.

If someone arrives at the opportunity meeting looking like a sad sack, chances are he’s going to be a whiner. He will complain about the product, the other people he works with, the customers and the company. If he is negative with you, he will be worse with potential customers and recruits. You can’t afford to feel sorry for these people; they will drag your business down and infect other good reps in your downline. Believe me, it may be hard to say “no” immediately, but it will be much harder after a few weeks of putting up with their negativity.

The Entertainer

There’s always at least one in every crowd. The talker, the one who has his hand up even before you have finished saying “any questions?” and they have a habit of turning the conversation towards themselves or off subject, denying anyone else a moment to ask a serious question. They are often insecure but good people, but if they want to talk have them bring their friends or colleagues along to the meeting, that way they can occupy their time by talking to them and not your more focused reps. They can be brilliant at home parties and promotions, you just have to make sure they can keep themselves somewhat under control.

The Analyzer

There’s usually at least one of these in every crowd too. They sit taking painstaking notes about everything, analyze everything but still don’t have the guts to go out and sell, even after being told how to do things twenty times ten different ways.

After a while, they may start correcting you or butting in with “but you said so-and-so last week.” They are called analyzers because they’re anal, they know everything but can do nothing. You can’t tell them anything, because they know the answers to everything. They should be working for a company compiling demographics; they will never succeed at sales.

The Wolf

Beware of people that are obviously already network marketing for another company. They slide in on the pretext of looking to change companies, and can be very persuasive. Next thing you know he’ll be trying to recruit your people, starting with the weaker members of your group, like a wolf surrounding a flock of sheep and they often spy and steal ideas.

The Rat

If he was selling water he would say it was wine – you know the kind, unethical, money-hungry, someone who will do everything to get the money and nothing for the customer. He laughs when he gets a sale, shrugs and says he just doesn’t care how he gets that sale – it’s all about the money. This is one rotten apple that will erode the integrity of your entire organization and gives network marketing its unfortunate bad reputation.

He will steal leads, muscle in on people that may be on the verge of signing up, pressurize people into anything that is of benefit to him financially, spy and eavesdrop. He uses lies and emotional blackmail as everyday tools. Do whatever it takes to get rid of this type of person immediately.

The Cling On

At the back of most group meetings and rallies sits the cling on. He has no friends; he is lousy at sales and has the personality of a three day old bag of fries. He can just about get dressed to go to a meeting and stay awake. He is lazy; being around others is his idea of a social life although he brings nothing to the table. He will never succeed without being fed illegal amphetamines. He can’t pick up a phone to talk to a lead; he couldn’t write an email if his life depended on it. He is DOA and no use to you, your customers or your downline. He will expect other peoples’ help for much longer than is normal until everyone gets sick of it. Grit your teeth, be nice and tell him to go away.

It’s very hard dealing with people, especially the people you have already recruited or are hoping to recruit. When you become experienced, you will learn to read body language – it is an important technique, and it will save you time and help you make quick decisions. Sometimes you may be wrong, it’s unfortunate yes, but learn to recognize the characters above, before they become a problem or a burden.

How do you assess people before signing them up? Do you insist that people should have a good sales record or are you willing to give those you perceive as being potentially good recruits a chance?

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