Network Marketing – Why Everyone Needs a System

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If there is one thing that is fundamental to building a successful business of any kind is having a system that works. Look at McDonald’s, it doesn’t matter where you live or which McDonald’s you go into the food is exactly the same.

They have systems for everything from cooking each food item to closing and cleaning each restaurant at night. Without these systems McDonald’s could not have become as successful as it is today. Franchisees know that they’re not just buying into a name; they’re also buying a successful system.

In networking marketing, as a business owner, you’ll have to invent your own systems unless you’re lucky enough to find a sponsor who is willing to pass his system down to you. These should be easy to follow steps that culminate in a successful outcome and that can be duplicated at any time.


Working for yourself at first may be difficult. You’re dealing with new things and new people every single day. Whether you concentrate online or off for lead generation you are going to have to set up your day so that your work flows and you know exactly what you’ll be doing when on any day of the week.

You may make appointments in the afternoon after a certain time because you know that in the mornings you’ll have to deal with other things. A system is only another name for a regular way of working, and the more simple your system the easier your day will be. Anyone who has had a regular job knows that their day usually comprises two, often four periods between breaks and most people strive to achieve certain tasks within those allotted times. Be the same way and give yourself breaks.


The second letter in system stands for YOU. It’s you that must implement a system and try it out. If you’re serious about having your own successful network marketing business then you will keep trying out different ways of working until it comes naturally. You’ll have to set up everything at first but when it comes time to bringing your first team members on board, you’ll understand exactly where they’re at. By having a system that you know works, you can pass it down to each new team member so they can become successful quickly.


Implementing a system and sticking to it can mean the difference between success and failure. In the beginning it’s hard, you have to build a list and a team but waking up every morning and knowing exactly what you have to do helps enormously.

We all have our down days but if looking for leads for two hours every day is part of your set system, you are more likely to get on with it than if that vitally important part of your business was not on your regular to-do list.


Time is the most valuable thing you have and how you invest that time will equal the financial returns you get. Having a solid system in place can actually save you time, doing things becomes a habit and you get things done in an efficient order.

One major problem with having your own business is making sure you have time for yourself and your family. Set yourself realistic goals and a good system which include breaks for yourself. This often allows your subconscious mind to work through any problems you may have and you will feel far more able to face your working day if your batteries are recharged.


Nobody ever got rich in business by sitting around doing nothing or giving up at the first obstacle. The more effort you make the bigger your business will grow. You will never be able to recruit a successful downline if you don’t put an enormous effort into teaching them your successful system and helping them every step of the way.

Having a thousand team members can be quite manageable, I know one network marketer with a team of over 12,000! Imagine the organizational nightmare he would have without efficient systems in place.


The last letter in the word system is M and that stands for the money you can make if you use your time efficiently. Money only comes if you and your team have a great system set up for gathering qualified leads and closing those leads.

M also stands for McDonald’s. Follow their example so every member of your team is like a replica of you and use your successful system.

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  1. “One way to be a great leader is to be a great follower.”

    Excellent post there. I also firmly believe that a good relationship within the team will immensely help to the success of network marketing. Thanks for sharing.

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