Network Marketing – Tips to Generate More Leads

One of the first things that newcomers to network marketing are told is to promote their products to their family and friends. I’ve read articles from experienced network marketers who say this is a bad idea, and yet other articles saying the opposite. I guess it depends on your family! If you come from a huge family then you may have a gold mine for leads, the problem is somewhere down the road you will actually run out of leads. If you want to be successful in network marketing you should never think in terms of “finite” when it comes to lead generation anyway.

Leads are the only way you’re going to get business for your network marketing business, plain and simple. Although network marketing is all about selling product, experienced network marketers know that the secret to having a successful business is the ability to generate an infinite number of qualified leads, and that lead generation process will go on every day for the entire life of your business.

What you want is people coming to you, but in the beginning you will have to do the chasing. By setting up an efficient system for generating leads it will take time, but it will happen.

Generating qualified MLM leads is an art and skill that has to be learned. Whether you are generating online leads or off-line leads, the key is to remember that you’re dealing with real people and it’s not all about you and your business, it’s about them – what they want and what you can help them do to achieve their goals and solve their problems and that involves building strong relationships.

Build a website

Those three words sound so simple,  and the actual process of building a website these days is incredibly easy but the hard part is marketing your site. You should be marketing yourself and your expertise more than anything. When you build strong relationships based on trust, you’ll find that your product is secondary. Your website should not be completely about selling a product, it should be about explaining to others how your opportunity has changed your life, and how it can do the same for others.

Add an Autoresponder

As you generate traffic to your website offer something useful for free so you can start building a list. The people who opt in will mostly be qualified prospects – which are exactly what you want. Stay in touch with them regularly via regular autoresponder messages and continue to provide helpful information to people this way. Although your aim is to sell products, your e-mails should not just be a pitch – that will turn people off and they will unsubscribe.

Write Articles

You’ll have to get used to writing articles yourself especially in the beginning. Many people find this difficult and time-consuming but one of your goals can be to outsource your article writing as soon as you start to show in income. You should write regular keyword-optimized articles for your website and for submission to article directories. By submitting articles you can generate traffic to your site via a link that is included at the end of your article. Articles can be very powerful tools that will prove you are an expert in what you do.

Blogging and Social Media

By creating your own blog you can attract qualified prospects and by promoting your business on social media you are going through the process of “self branding”. Again you are promoting yourself primarily and not your product – that comes later.

There are dozens of ways to generate leads online and it’s best to concentrate on mastering a couple of these methods. Find out what works best for you and stick at it. The process of generating leads is tedious at first – don’t let anybody tell you that it happens overnight. You’re building a business, and just like building a house you do it brick by brick.

What has been your most successful lead generation? Did you find this method immediately or did you try other ways that were not so successful at first?

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