Network Marketing – Half of the First Word is Work!

Just because you paid your money and got a big box of goodies you can’t just sit back and imagine you have a business. The word business means busy-ness, so now you have to get busy and get on with the job (yes JOB) of creating your business, or all you will have at the end of the month is a pile of bills and a big box of goodies!

The only investments involved in network marketing is your time and the opportunity to invest in yourself. An investment by definition should give you more back than you started with, and the only way that is going to happen is if you get to work.

MLM is not GRQ

An opportunity is a fleeting thing, it’s there and then it’s gone for any number of reasons. If you have taken the initiative to get into network marketing as a business then you will soon see that there is much to be done. The only get rich quick (grq) schemes I know on this planet involve grand theft, drug dealing or a winning lottery ticket.

It takes time to grow trust, it takes time to build a list and it won’t happen overnight, some get the hang of it immediately but for most it will be a hard slog, especially in the beginning when they have no leads and no experience.

Not all MLM is Sales Recruitment

Many folks think that as soon as they join a networking opportunity they will have to turn around and sell the idea to the next person they meet. Some companies do work that way, while the better MLM companies will emphasize building experience, learning about the product and how to effectively sell it, before recruiting anyone.

This is the kind of network marketing company you should look for, otherwise it ends up like the game where you sit in a line and the first person whispers something into the second person’s ear and so on – what comes out at the other end is gobbledygook. How can you possibly expect to have an effective downline if you know nothing about what you’re selling or the company you represent? Nobody you speak to would be in the slightest bit impressed or enticed into buying the product or joining the opportunity!

Once you have a group of representatives under you, don’t think you can sit back and put your feet up. You are responsible for your downline and their training – you are mentor and manager. The good news is, with a happy downline who are earning money, well-trained and happy with the product, they will be earning money for you.

MLM is not for the 9 to 5-ers

If you think you can clock off at 5 every night and have the weekends off in MLM you will be very disappointed. Sure you could, but you won’t get anywhere. Most of the people you will be working with will be at work during those hours.

Highly successful network marketers are entrepreneurs who work 24/7, be prepared for keeping unconventional hours and every day being different. MLM is not for the conventional person or the feint-hearted.

There are thousands of people that excel in the network marketing business and most have learned to separate their business from their personal lives. In the beginning you may be pitching to everything that moves, don’t. Keep your business outside of your circle of family and friends. That is entirely opposite to what most companies tell you to do, but think about it, wouldn’t you rather your family and friends approached you once you have become successful? “Wow you’re looking good, is that a new car?” Isn’t that a better way to attract prospects than alienating everyone, or feeling embarrassed afterwards because you failed?

What are other common misperceptions that you encounter in the Network Marketing business? We welcome your comments.

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