Network Marketing – Don’t Set Your Downline up to Fail

It is possible to make a great income in network marketing. With the correct mindset and the right skills people regularly make six-figure incomes. If you already possess the ability to help people, you’re confident, enjoy meeting and communicating with others and are dedicated and work hard you have the basis for becoming a very successful network marketer.

The most successful network marketers I know are wealthy, very wealthy. Even the ones I know who probably have enough socked away to retire years ago, haven’t. They’re like addicts – they love their business, and they want to continue helping their downline succeed too. That’s dedication. They told their downline that they would always be there for them if they were needed, and they still are. It’s not about the money any more; they do it because they love it. It really is a business that the more you put in, the more you get out both financially and in the satisfaction you can get from seeing others prosper.

There are too many network marketers out there who never mention exactly what is required to succeed, leading their downline to believe that the rewards will just appear magically somehow, and that’s why so many fail.

Network marketing all boils down to how much product is sold; there can be no other way that money can be made. The old cliché that “it’s a numbers game” is true. The majority of people that purchase the product will buy it wholesale and the box will sit somewhere in their home until they re-order. In order to make a fat check every month you have to establish a large downline. Only a few of these people will actually go out and recruit someone else unless you show them how.

Wealthy network marketers started out recruiting one person at a time, the same as everyone starting out must do, but they were able to recruit many and they kept at the process until they had the knowledge to show others how they too could duplicate the system they were following. It’s not rocket science.

If you are looking to get into network marketing understand these facts:

  • The business requires a lot of effort. Complete strangers are not going to knock on your door and ask for your product.
  • You will have to sponsor people. You leverage their time to make you money. That’s time you can’t possibly have to sell the amount of product you need to make a serious income.
  • Some folks can make a great income part time. They have either already built a large downline or they recruit a downline and sell product to people they know and work with. The majority will have to spend a long working week building their businesses.
  • Your upline cannot make your money for you. If they’re successful, they are busy making their own fortunes.
  • Sponsoring others takes time and effort, they are not going to just sign up and that’s it. Once you have started to recruit a downline, if you are a true leader then you have the added responsibility of being both a mentor and a manager.
  • Selling a large amount of product one week doesn’t mean you can take the next few days off. It takes an ongoing effort. If you’re good and possess an entrepreneurial spirit, you will strive to make the next week’s sales even better.

When you are sponsoring people, make sure you tell them these facts. If you don’t, you will be constantly wasting your time recruiting folks who will have false expectations and will soon leave. You need a solid downline that is aware of what is required of them, or you’ll be setting them up to fail.

Were you told network marketing was easy when you started out or did your sponsor tell you exactly what is involved? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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  1. Kathleen Cooley

    Great Article on how to prepare others to be good recruits for business. I am learning that just signing them up does not guarentee success
    Kathleen Cooley recently posted…Working From Home Series #3: Learning By LeadingMy Profile

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