Network Marketing Classes – Stand up and be Noticed

Who are the people you remember most when you think about your school days? Which politicians do you recognize the quickest? When you go to a party or you’re in a room full of strangers, who stands out the most? In all these examples it’s probably going to be the people who have outstanding personalities and something to say, whether you agree with them or not.

Besides the politicians, those people may not be aware that they are in fact marketing themselves! If you want to get noticed and get a message across, you can’t sit in a corner and be a shrinking violet.

In school we were often encouraged to interact in class, most of us didn’t want to but those that did tended to get ahead. It’s easy enough to write a paper on any subject when you have the internet as a source of information but standing up and talking about that subject actually proves you know your stuff.

Network marketing classes are exactly the same. It might be more appropriate to call them discussion groups rather than classes. Participating means you’re prepared and willing to share your knowledge with others. It also elevates you to the status of expert BUT when you’re wrong about something and can take advice by listening to other’s opinions you gain respect as well.

You’re marketing yourself this way, and self branding is important in any kind of sales situation, especially online. You want people to like you and trust you, so if you’re not participating in a class of  like-minded people you’re going to have a hell of a time convincing a potential customer, prospect or downline member that you, your product, service or opportunity is worth shouting about.

If you’re really interested in becoming a successful network marketer and you have problems with self-confidence and shyness, the best place to start coming out of your shell will be by going to network marketing classes. You won’t be alone; there will be others just as shy and scared as you are.

Ease yourself in gradually, start by asking questions and taking notes, remember there’s no such thing as a stupid question but there are plenty of stupid answers! And don’t sit at the back.

There will be others in the room that will help you out, find them and make as many friends as you can, this will make you feel a lot less like an alien. If you need a stiff drink before you start, go ahead, it’s called Dutch courage for good reason.

The people in networking classes will be a cross-section of the general public, just like your potential customers. Take small steps at first and build your confidence and listen to what others have to say. Knowledge is power.

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are a prime example. Many people feel ashamed, uncomfortable and awkward at first, but the group leader always encourages everyone to stand up, give their name and say a little about themselves.

After that initial ice-breaking people become far more comfortable and soon lose their fear of talking in front of others, quickly becoming active participants in discussions and helping newcomers lose their fears. Eventually everyone in the room realizes they have the same problem and are all trying to reach a common goal. It’s no different with network marketing classes, you’re there to learn and participate and your goal is to become a better network marketer.

Do you regularly participate in network marketing classes? We’d like to hear read your comments, especially if they have helped to build self-confidence.

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