Need Fresh Content? Encourage Guest Posts

If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed when searching the internet is how boring and limited many network marketers’ blogs are. It’s obvious the site was built because their company told them to, but many new network marketers find that building an effective lead-generating site around such a limited subject can be a trial. Let’s face it, the main purpose of the site is to generate leads but if it doesn’t have interesting and valuable content that’s posted regularly it’s not going to get any traffic, and of course that means there won’t be any leads coming in.

Many network marketers simply have to resort to hiring writers to add content to their sites. That’s okay if you can find a savvy writer who can come up with interesting articles all the time, but when you’re posting a minimum of three or four articles a week it won’t be long before you get stuck for ideas.

Google ranks sites largely by the amount of traffic they get and one good way of encouraging traffic is by leaving backlinks on other relevant sites. You may be doing this already by leaving comments on other network marketers’ sites or in relevant forums. You may be spending a lot of time on social networking sites too, but you’re still not seeing the results you’d hoped for.

Let’s rewind to why network marketing companies work the way they do. Traditional companies spend millions of dollars on advertising their products. Network marketing companies understand that word-of-mouth marketing via a network of representatives – and that’s you – is equally effective, especially on the internet. They encourage you to build a website which you’ve done, but now you’re totally on your own. It’s up to you to network online to find those leads which means casting a net of backlinks across the web to pull in those potential leads.

Guest posting on other people’s sites is an excellent way of getting backlinks to your own site. Conversely, if you really are stuck for ideas, why not let other people post articles on your site? All you have to do is say that you’re very happy to accept guest articles, which will in turn give the writer the opportunity to benefit from your site’s traffic. It’s all about reciprocity.

If you have a downline and someone is having a particularly successful month, why not ask them to write about it? There are very few people who will turn you down. Of course you will have to check their article to make sure it’s good quality and let them know that they should leave a link on their site to the article they’ve written on your site. Now you have a two-way street. Your traffic can go through to their site and vice versa.

By allowing others to guest post on your site regularly you can soon start a nice network of backlinks across relevant sites and increase your traffic, which Google will take note of and move your site up in the rankings. You may also get ideas for new articles from those guest posts so you can now go out and offer to write guest posts yourself for other relevant sites.

Aim to find network marketing sites that have a regular, large flow of daily traffic. It may take a day or even a month before your article is published, don’t wait, simply move on and keep looking for other relevant sites where you can post further articles. Contact the blog owner and ask if you can post an article if it isn’t obvious. Sometimes they’ll ask you to write about a certain aspect of network marketing but often they’ll simply tell you to go ahead and send them the article.

You’re casting a net now, leaving backlinks to your website wherever you go and increasing your traffic and by allowing others to guest post on your site, you’re adding valuable content regularly. Make a habit of guest posting at least once or twice a week and after a few months you’ll be hauling in new prospects with your network of backlinks.

Have you experienced an increase in traffic and lead generation by using guest posting as a way of getting backlinks?

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