MLM Training is Often DIY

Most network marketers go into the whole business without a clue of where to start marketing their chosen product. Their initial excitement at the thought of becoming a part of an MLM business soon wears off when they find they can get no help from either the company or the sponsor. Once it is obvious that they cannot possibly make any money, they quit.

One of the initial things to look at when entering into a network marketing company is the quality and availability of training, and it is also prudent to find out how well your sponsor is doing too. Success in any business depends on sales, obviously, but without being given the tools to get started properly in network marketing, there is little hope you will do well.  Lack of training is probably the number one reason why people fail, especially if they are new to network marketing and have no knowledge of how to sell.

Most network marketing companies will tell you to go first to your friends, family and anyone you know, and talk to them about your product to make sales. You may make a couple of sales if you have the correct product, but the chances are your family and friends will stop answering the phone when they see it’s you calling. They are not your target market, so keep your friends and your social life, and market your product to those who really are interested.

The ideal situation is to become the hunted not the hunter, i.e. you want people approaching you, not the other way around. Easier said than done you might say, but there are subtle ways of getting into that position, if you stop putting the money first. Nobody buys from people that sound desperate and know nothing about their product!

The first thing to do is find out everything you can about your product. You should own it, and be able to talk about all the advantages of whatever that product is. Once you know everything about your product, then go and find out everything about the people who might want your product. Network marketing involves targeting those people, not the time-wasting method of throwing as much mud against any old wall to see how much will stick. If you are in front of the right wall, most of your marketing will stick.

Knowing the demographics and location of your target market is your first step. Second is to identify how your product can help those in your target market. Next, you should start to hang out where they hang out and participate. Look for forums, blogs and Facebook groups that are dedicated to an area where your product can make a difference. Join up, answers questions, and take the time to read what others have to say about it.

Become a respected participant and the go-to guy in your area. The link to your landing page or website will quickly become the place to go when people see your posts and read your helpful comments and suggestions. If certain questions are asked about your product repeatedly, write a page and post it on your site, you can then tell people the answer is here (a link through to your site). With a good landing page and an opt in form your business should start snowballing and before long people will be asking you if they can join your down line team.

There are hundreds of courses online to help you learn successful network marketing, and if they are any good they will tell you it takes time, patience and persistence.

Do you have any comments or tips on how to help others where it comes to network marketing training?  Please drop us a line.

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  1. Kathleen Cooley

    Very Wise Words Gabriele, So many times the one that sponsor’s you disappears after you have signed up and that just looks bad on everyone. I like your analogy of becoming the hunted too!
    Kathleen Cooley recently posted…My Blog on Marketing 3- Building RelationshipsMy Profile

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