MLM Home Parties – Selling with Sociability

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Humans are generally sociable creatures but unfortunately despite all the excellent aspects of the internet and even with Skype and social media many people crave the old-fashioned experience of being surrounded by real people in an upbeat and positive atmosphere.

One of the things we are taught as network marketers is to build relationships so people will trust us. Online this is easier said than done. One of my predictions for the coming years is an upswing in the number of people who either start or become more involved in having MLM home parties. If you’re retired, a student, a stay-at-home mom or you’ve given up looking for a job there are many opportunities to have fun with MLM and make some money at the same time.

One thing I’ve discovered is that two or three ladies can get together and each start an MLM business promoting jewelry, cookware, cosmetics, household supplies and even passion parties! Yep passion parties have become one of the hottest things in MLM especially for professional, single women.

Two or three people getting together and organizing a weekly party that combines three of the above products can be a definite plus. The cost of the party is shared and so is the considerable amount of work and planning involved. Three people together also have three times the number of interested prospects they can invite.

Selling also becomes a lot more fun in the home party atmosphere and right now it is one of the most under-used methods for selling and recruiting. It is also an excellent way for leveraging your time; you’re promoting your MLM business to a number of different people all at once. If the party lasts three hours, normally in that time you would be only able to promote to one or two people instead of perhaps 20 or 30.

Home parties don’t have to be elaborate, after a few introductions and a glass of wine or coffee people will begin to find their common ground. Some care should be given to the guest list to ensure the invitees have some common interests.

The key is to be good at getting people’s attention at some point in the party and making an effective presentation. After three people have had three separate, successful parties in their own homes there are bound to be other guests who will want to do the same – it’s not like one person’s house is going to be the venue every week – unless of course she doesn’t mind – but one advantage of having different people holding parties is being able to draw on their friends who may be interested in becoming distributors too.

When a new distributor is sponsored you should schedule an MLM home party at her house within a week or so. That way she will be excited and talking to her guests immediately. At the end of her presentation she can sign up other enthusiastic guests to have their own in-home parties.

By repeating this process you’ll soon find that you have a large downline all enthusiastically organizing parties and signing up new recruits. Once you have attended a new recruit’s first in-home party to give advice and hold her hand if necessary, then you can pretty much leave your new recruits on their own. All you have to do is call the day after the party to see how things went. How many other jobs could be this much fun and earning you commissions when you’re not even there?

Social media has its advantages but real social networking is the ultimate way to build a happy and successful team.

Have you had held an in-home MLM party? Do you have any tips for making these parties successful?

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