Listen to Your Prospect – It Benefits Both of You!

We’ve all met them – those people who talk so much that eventually all you hear is “I this and I that”. You wouldn’t dream of buying anything from them and if you ever saw them again you’d probably run and hide. Despite the fact that you were only hoping to get a quick answer to a problem or just make a general inquiry about the opportunities network marketing has to offer you probably finally extricated yourself from this person and resolved to put network marketing out of your mind. “I certainly don’t want to end up like that!”

Talking too much when you’re trying to recruit people is a fatal mistake. It’s no good coming across as a pushy salesperson, because people don’t like or trust pushy salespeople!

It’s quite common for people new to network marketing to talk too much. They may be full of enthusiasm for their opportunity or the product, but talking is not the best way to recruit, it’s listening that’s far more important.

How many people, especially Americans, ask “How you doing” but never expect to get an answer? Try responding by saying you’re having a lousy day, and you’ll soon see their eyes glaze over and their body language will tell you immediately that they’re not in the slightest bit interested!

The key to successful recruiting is listening to people and their problems and offering a solution. To be able to do this you must be able to answer a prospect’s questions clearly and knowledgeably and that means knowing about your company, its product line and everything involved with becoming a successful network marketer.

It’s understandable that new network marketers are too gung ho; the way to get over this is to practice what you’re going to say with friends or other network marketers. A small group can get together and role-play; each should have a list of common questions and perhaps include some more difficult questions that a prospect might ask. Act out being a rude prospect or a belligerent one – you will encounter all kinds in your recruiting efforts and you’ll have a lot of fun practicing and learning how to overcome objections.

That isn’t to say that you should stand there like a dummy! Conversation is about interaction and there are a number of questions you should be asking your prospect. Just remember to listen to the answers because it’s for your benefit and theirs.

Once you have initiated a conversation with a prospect one of the first questions that you should ask is rather personal, you will ask if there was anything they would do to change their current financial situation. You will rarely find anyone who doesn’t say they need to earn more money, especially in this lousy economy.

This is one of a number of personal “qualifying” questions that you will ask. You must understand how important it is that you “warm” your prospect up first with some general friendly conversation. Many people are very uncomfortable discussing their financial situation with strangers, but once you’ve got that major question over with and you’ve listened carefully to their answer then you can move on to such questions as “what would your ideal work day be like?”, and “If you could choose somewhere to work where would it be?”

Your closing question will be to ask how an extra couple of thousand dollars a month in their bank account could improve their life and their family’s lives.

There are not too many qualifying questions, but understand that by listening carefully to the answers you may actually decide that the prospect is not going to be suitable for your downline. A successful downline should comprise qualified and motivated team members – you don’t want to recruit every Tom, Dick and Harry that expresses an interest! Get to know your prospects, and understand where they’re coming from. There’s a definite art to this kind of impromptu interview – it should be short, friendly, to the point and should answer both your prospect’s questions and your own.

If the prospect starts to ask you questions answer honestly and be as helpful as you can, pique their curiosity and then invite them to your next presentation. Leave your prospect with a positive and exciting picture in his or her mind, allowing them to imagine themselves in your shoes and thinking about the extra money they could earn.

Once you have practiced on a number of people you will be far more comfortable, and you may even be able to understand your prospect further by learning to read his body language.

How do you approach prospects? Do you stick to a script or do you ad lib where possible? Were you nervous the first time you spoke to a prospect? Tell us about any disastrous or amusing encounters you’ve had while recruiting.

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