“Limiting Beliefs” Will Limit Your Success

If throughout your life you have always wanted to be successful but have never achieved your goals, you may be suffering from “limiting beliefs”. These beliefs are deep-seated and reside in your subconscious mind. They are usually placed there in early life, either by the way you were raised, or by what people you thought you trusted said in your formative years.

These beliefs are extremely powerful, and until you can come to terms with them, your subconscious “limiting beliefs” will win every time.

There are hundreds of people that you know of that are amazingly successful, and in your opinion don’t deserve to be so. You can come up with any number of arguments why you should be in their shoes. The reason is why they are successful and you’re not, is because of your limiting beliefs. The successful man is successful because he has always believed he could be successful.

Look at any wealthy entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs have made more mistakes than we’ve had hot dinners, but because they don’t suffer from these limiting beliefs, they have picked themselves up and started again until they found something with which they could become successful.

Perhaps when you fail at something you think something like this:

  • I don’t deserve to be successful
  • It’s not meant for me to succeed in business
  • Hard as I try, I just can’t make it
  • Could I even handle being wealthy?

Or you make verbal, sorry excuses for yourself.

These are not simple doubts, this stems from a complex problem that you should make every effort to overcome; otherwise you will always have trouble reaching your goals.

You must have met a smoker who said “I just can’t quit.” He wants to quit, but that little part of his brain keeps saying “Give me nicotine!” Limiting beliefs seem to come from that part of the brain too. That little area’s response to “I truly want to be a success doing this” is “I’ll make sure you don’t, you can’t do it.”

The Law of Attraction does not work in some people’s lives because they are convinced it is just a fancy theory. Law of Attraction tells you that anything you focus or give concentrated attention to, will be attracted to you. If you live with limiting beliefs, your mind is already saying “Oh what a load of crap” – you haven’t a hope of attracting anything but negativity! In short, you repel!

The only help I can offer, as I am not the right ‘ologist to give any advice, is to examine everything carefully and learn not to react to these “limiting beliefs”. Think very hard before you speak or pass judgment.

If you truly want to be successful in business, post notes in conspicuous places with all your goals in large letters, “Pay off my debts, buy a new car, have enough money to retire” – whatever. Make lists of things to do when you feel totally rational and positive and stick to those lists, don’t let that little voice steer you off track.

In short, you have to brainwash your subconscious mind into believing what your conscious mind was telling you in the first place!

Darn I need a cigarette!

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Network Marketing Made E-Z!

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