Learning to Lead with Lead Generation

Depending on the compensation structure of the network marketing company you have joined, you may find that either you do not have to recruit an enormous downline to produce a good income, or on the other hand, you may not have to sell the most amount of product to make the most amount of money. Indeed, many people avoid one or the other plan and the choice is a strong influence in which network marketing company people do join.

Either way, you will have to become a leader and develop strong leadership skills to succeed in either situation.

By being able to generate your own high quality leads successfully, you are in fact developing your own leadership skills even though you may not be aware of it!

In order to generate leads you will have to apply yourself to a system, and in the beginning, it will be tough. By learning how to persuade prospects to do something they would not have done without your involvement, you are actually learning leadership skills. A good leader, take for example a Boy Scout master, will lead a boy and persuade him to do something he has never done before, and that is successful leadership.

You as a network marketer need to learn how to get your prospects to do something they have never done before. If you are network marketing online, this has to be done by different methods obviously, and is done with video, blogs or social networking. You get your point across, stimulate interest and then your prospect will take action. You are leading him through a number of pre-defined steps.

To be able to do this, you have to use what is generally known today as either “self-branding” or “attraction marketing” and by using either of those methods you are positioning yourself as an expert and a leader. Just like the Boy Scout master, people get to know you, they learn to trust you, and then most will subsequently do what you ask them to do.

In network marketing, you will never be able to recruit an effective downline team without leadership qualities – and I do stress the word effective. If you as a sponsor just ask anyone, you will end up with a pitiful paycheck at the end of the month and a lot of upset recruits – your success depends on leading others and passing your knowledge on to them.

In network marketing people join YOU because you are successful, and team building is a vital component of that success. In most network marketing compensation plans, you will be paid a commission for your team’s success, when they recruit their own downlines, so you want your leadership qualities to be contagious!

Apart from the fundamental leadership qualities of honesty and integrity, learning how to generate high quality leads is the only way you can begin to be successful. Once you get to that stage, only then will you be ready to build a successful downline.

After all, if you as a sponsor can’t generate leads, how in the world can you expect your recruits to be successful?

Once you have found the right system of leads generation for you, you will have that “Ah Ha!” moment and you’ll be ready to instill any new recruit with confidence and enthusiasm. You can say, “Do this, not that – it works every time” with your hand on your heart, and your downline will look up to you and trust you.

You are now their leader.

Do you have anything to add?  Do you agree?  Please let us know by leaving your comments.

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4 Responses to Learning to Lead with Lead Generation

  1. David Dettmann says:

    Thank you for you post on leads !!!

  2. Brian Gosur says:

    Great post Gabriele. Leadership is something that we grow into and it’s leading people. A true leader never leads his people into something that he wouldn’t go first. I think you are showing those skills as well.
    God bless
    Brian Gosur recently posted…Closing The Door To Your Buyers and Your Business Will GrowMy Profile

  3. Shezz says:

    You might be correct, but you should have to be aware that doing the things that you haven’t done before could be somehow a lil risk on your part, especially if you are going to share your ideas to your prospect client. What if they’re going to question you on a certain things, they will asked you to demonstrate things, and then you haven’t done that before? How are you going to support your answer to them? Or how are you going to do that if you don’t have enough knowledge about what you’ve been doing? It’s always been good if you also have a lil knowledge on the things you haven’t done before so that you can answer your prospect client’s questions. But you do have a great blog here 😉
    Shezz recently posted…Free Training Learn How to Leverage Your Time With OutsourcingMy Profile

    • Shezz,
      you are very right in what you are saying. At the beginning I came a lot across questions clients were asking I had no idea how to answer. But fortunately my upline leader kept telling me that if I am not able to answer something to always let the client know that you are still new to this business and also still learning but that my upline is available to answer any questions or concerns they have (via 3-way calling – I always made sure before hand that my leader will be available if I needed to call with a client present). I had not had one client or prospect that took this the wrong way and they did also learn that the upline will always be helpful until they learn how to do the business by themselves.

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