Leadership Qualities You May Not Be Aware You Have

In this life some are born to lead and others to follow, it’s a simple fact and many folks are quite content to be that way. Although we are all born with a blank slate, genetics, conditioning and how we are raised play a major part in how we act.

Is it possible that people without leadership qualities can learn to be effective leaders? Many shy and unassuming people have been at the forefront of their particular businesses, you would never know by watching John Lennon on stage that he was painfully shy, but he still achieved more in his short life than a dozen musicians put together.

You can learn the skills to become a good leader, whether you want to be in the limelight or not. Your personality may already contain some of the component qualities for becoming a good leader but you just don’t realize it!

When you think about people you like, trust and look up to, it does not take long to understand that honesty and integrity are the basis of most long lasting relationships. You trust your partner not to cheat on you and you trust he is honest. It’s the same on the battlefield – you trust that the men leading you into battle know what they are doing. The same applies to network marketing, if you don’t trust the systems and techniques taught to you, and you don’t think the people above you are telling the truth, there is no basis for a working relationship there and it won’t work.

Foresight is a great leadership quality that you may also have but have never shared with others. If you find yourself saying “I knew that was going to happen”, and you do it often enough, then you have another great leadership quality- vision or foresight. In business you always have to keep one step ahead of your competitor and whether you achieve this successfully by reading Tarot cards or the New York Times every day, people will start to take notice if you can learn to assert yourself.

Enthusiasm for what you do is contagious. Nobody wants to follow someone who is always pessimistic and negative. People want to follow enthusiastic people, so if you love what you do, don’t hide it.

Knowing when to say you screwed up is also very important. Those who blame everything that goes wrong on something or somebody else fail to gain respect, and without respect few will follow you.

The best teachers in my school always gave praise when it was due. A parent will praise a child for everything he does right, it marks achievement in a child’s mind and helps the child to learn and grow. Without encouragement many people fail because they never hear an encouraging word. In network marketing, go that extra step for those who do well and offer rewards, but on the other hand have compassion and empathy for those who struggle, they may just need a little help to become a major player on your team. By helping another member of your team achieve success, you will both earn more.

As a leader you have to be all things to all people and wear many hats. I have known many people that had all the above qualities and didn’t really care to be a leader, but once they were put into that position they learned to be comfortable with it and have consequently become very wealthy and effective leaders.

These are just a few of the main leadership qualities. Are there any you think we have missed? Please leave us a comment.

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